Josh Laison
Math 251: Foundations of Advanced Mathematics

                               (Zachary, Daisuke, Johann, Jaclyn, Muir, Chris, Andrew, Aaron, Alden, Emma, Mattie, Till, Juliette, Nathan)

                               (Kyler, James, Margo, Diana, Rigo, Wyatt, Jacob, Lauren, Nathan, Harry)
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LaTex Resources:
To install LaTeX on Windows, first download MikTex (the "small MikTex installer" should be fine), and then download WinEdt.
Or if you want a free version try one of these or MonkeyTex or TexLive .
For Macintosh, use MacTex or TexShop.
A sample LaTex document written by me. This should have examples of most things that you'd like to know how to do.
The Not-So-Short Introduction to LaTeX
A List of LaTex resources
A List of Tex resources

Search for symbols in LaTex
Browse a whole lot of symbols in LaTex (Warning, large PDF file)

Twin primes and the The Bounded Gaps Between Primes Polymath project