Willamette University
Department of Mathematics
Problem of the Week



Edited by Josh Laison

September 10: Egg Drop solved by Alice Worden, Eddie Mertz, and Kyle Evans (solution)
September 17: The First Prime solved by Christina Edholm (solution)
September 24: Die Roll solved by John Nielsen (solution)
October 1: Breaking Chocolate solved by Kyle Evans and Eddie Mertz (solution)
October 8: Eats at the Round Table solved by Charlie Mathes and Jason Ames (solution)
October 15: Circular Reasoning solved by Jared Nishikawa and Kyle Evans (solution)
October 22: Tower of Irrationality solved by Jason Ames, Jared Nishikawa, and Kyle Evans (solution)
October 29: What's My Polynomial? solved by Kyle Evans (solution)
November 5: An Ice Problem solved by John Nielson (solution)
November 12: A Fair Shake
solved by Kyle Evans (solution)
November 26: Deterministic Poker
solved by Keith Hart (solution)
December 3: Checkering into a Corner
January 14: The Precarious Picture
January 21: One Square Two Square
solved by Jared Nishikawa, Daniel Gossard, Charlie Mathes, and Mathew Polzin
             (solution) (animated solution by Mathew Polzin)
January 28: Playing with Pasta (solution)
February 4: Big Cube Little Cube solved by Jared Nishikawa (solution)
February 11: Jumping Mad (solution)
February 18: Which Weight Weighs Which Weight? (solution)
February 25: Edgy Hyper Cube solved by Jai Salzwedel and Eric Haddenham (solution)
March 10: Water Into Wine
solved by Jared Nishikawa (solution)
March 17: Triangle Triangle (solution)
March 31: Pocket Change solved by Matt Polzin, Jai Salzwedel, Jared Nishikawa, and Aaron Silverbook (solution)
April 7: Higher Elevation (solution)
April 14: Stringing Along solved by Alex Grey (solution)
April 21: Many Feet Many Shoes solved by Jessica Ahmann and Wesley Smith (solution)
May 1: Striking a Chord