Dr. Juwen Zhang
Department of Japanese and Chinese
Willamette University

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The courses I teach: Chinese Language: CHNSE 131; and 132; 231; 232; 258; 331; 332; 431; 432; 490; 491 (and more about Major and Minor in Chinese Studies at Willamette University)

Chinese Culture: CHNSE 352 (Rites of Passage in Chinese Societies); 254 (Language, Ethnicity, and Folklore in China); 256 (Chinese Folklore in Film)
Other culture courses: Confucius and Aristotle: Everyday Ethics (IDS 101-37, 2006F); Eat Drink Men and Women in China (IDS 101-38, 2013F); ASIA 201: Gateway to East Asian Studies; ASIA 202: Asian Studies Colloquium; ASIA 258: Asian American Folklore and Folklife; ASIA 358: Field Studies in China (Post Session).

The publications and research projects I have worked on;

Chinese folklore and folklife in rites of passage

The institutions I am involved with folkloristic interests.

Folklore Studies in the USA

What is folklore? (via American Folklore Society website)

Ph.D.; M.A.; B.A. Programs in the USA and Canada

Journals: Journal of American Folklore, Western Folklore, ... more.
Organizations: AFS, WSFS, ... more.

Folklore Studies in China

Ph.D. (in Folklore, or Folk Literature) Programs:
Beijing Normal University, Shandong University, East China Normal University, Central China Normal University, China University of Nationalisties, Beijing University, and Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University.
M.A. (in Folklore, or Folk Literature) Programs:
Beijing Normal University, Beijing Univeristy, China University of Nationalities, China People University, China Academy of Social Sciences, Liaoning University, Inner Mongolian Normal University, Shandong University, Henan University, Shanxi Normal University, Shanxi University, Shaanxi Normal University, Northwest University of Nationalities, Wuhan University, Central China Normal University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, Zhejiang Normal University, Wenzhou University, Sichuan University, Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi University of Nationalities,Yunnan University, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University, ...

Journals: Folklore Studies (Minsu Yanjiu), ... more
Organizations: China Folklore Society (CFS), Folk Culture Youth Forum ...

Conferences that I often attend or have attended, and that I have hosted.

Amerian Folklore Society annual meeting (AFS)
Western States Folklore Society annual meeting (WSFS)

China Folklore Society (CFS) meetings (2006; Beijing, China)

Heritage (August 2006; Wuhan, China)
Fourth Conference of the Chinese Folk Culture Forum (August 2005; Taian, Shandong, China)

2006 Conference on Chinese Daily Ritual Practice (June 2006; Willamette Univeristy, Oregon, USA) International Forum on the Intangiable Cutlural

2010 Western States Folklore Society annual meeting

2013 Seminar on Traditional Music in the Reconstruction of Identity and the Healing/Therapy of the Modern Mind-and-Heart

Photos from Trips

China Trip Impression:

2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012

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