2007 China Trip Impression (As a member of the American Folklore Society Delegation to China in December 2007)

In the beginning, ... chaotic ... food, sex, drug, traffic ... (Guangzhou)

But there are places like this, ... Suhe Town in Yunan.

And places like this, ... a Daoist Temple in Wenzhou.

Or a courtyard like this, ... in Wenzhou.

Between the tree-topped tower (right side) from the Tang Dynasty and the Pagoda (left side) from the Song Dynasty arise the buildings behind a temple ... all in the River-Center-Island (Wenzhou)

And the other bank of the river... (Wenzhou)

Underneath these tombs is the civilization alive four to five millennia ago ... (Wuhan)

But this is the world still alive ... (Guangzhou)

And the life common people enjoy ... (Jinan, Shandong)

And the maze tourists love ... (Lijiang, Yunnan)

For this is simple an old town ... (Lijiang, Yunan)

Now the history stands in dark and around ... (Zhongshan University, Guangzhou)

Finally, the birds from Siberia also join the wave of tourism ... (Dianchi, Yunan)


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