Elementary Chinese (CHNSE 131)

Willamette University

Instructor: Juwen Zhang
Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Culture
Department of Japanese and Chinese
Office: 147 Walton; Phone: (503) 370-6256; Email: Juwen@willamette.edu

This course is to lead you into the fascinating world of the Chinese language, history, and culture by helping you build a solid foundation in all aspects of modern standard Chinese, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and translating.  Proficiency is built upon accuracy and enhanced through functions such as narration, description, comparison, explanation, and direction.  Tone practices and character writing are regular exercises.  Dramatization and visualization of the texts through situational conversations are the primary approaches in and outside of classroom, in addition to daily homework.  Your active participation is key to making the learning process effective and pleasant.

To learn Chinese is a tough but gusty decision, a challenging but rewarding journey.
Language is but an expression of a culture.
Mistakes and difficulties in learning a language are often resulted from lacking cultural knowledge and communication. 
Look into everyday practices of the Chinese people and see what are their core beliefs and values that are expressed through language and behaviors.


This course is offered in the Fall semesters. For details, please contact the instructor or log in our WISE .