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ENVR 495W (fall) &496W (spring), Senior Seminar in Environmental Science

Taught every year by the EES faculty

Seminar Description

The senior seminar in environmental science is the capstone experience for environmental science majors.   The main focus of the seminar is researching and writing the senior thesis. We will also spend some time on career development throughout the semester. Depending on time and interest we may also read and discuss articles relevant to the complexities of being a modern-day environmentalist.

The senior seminar is a year long undertaking.  Although you must select your thesis advisor in the spring of your Junior year. Throughout the fall semester (ENVR 495W) students will focus on developing and defending a solid thesis proposal, and beginning data collection and research efforts.   Each student will make a formal presentation on his/her thesis progress at the end of the fall semester.   Enrollment in the second half of the thesis seminar (ENVR 496W) is contingent upon successful completion of ENVR 495W.   During the spring semester students will devote themselves to completing their data collection, analysis and interpretation, culminating in their final, formal thesis presentation and written thesis.   Exceptional student thesis students will be selected to participate in Student Scholarship Research Day in April.

Class Format

There is one class session per week.   All sections of the thesis seminar share the same due dates for major pieces of writing, student presentations, and outside speakers.   Outside of these shared dues dates and activities, thesis advisors may assign additional work and activities.  


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