Lab 3 -- A bank with three ATM accounts: to be demonstrated by the end of the fouth week

You may have a partner for this lab; if your current partner is working out, good -- if not, we can arrange another.

Write a minimal ATM program that will manage three bank accounts. Each account will have a name and a balance. Allow users to display their current balances and withdraw as much (simulated) money as they want with a graphical user interface (GUI).

Follow the instructions in Chapter 3, and the lectures to complete this lab.


  1. Your GUI should have three buttons, one to select each of the three accounts.
  2. Each account should start with a balance of $1000.
  3. Set unique names in each of the three accounts.
  4. When the user pushes any of the buttons (to select a particular account), your program should automatically display the name and balance of the new current account.