Reading assignments -- Introduction to Programming

Readings are listed by the week they will be tested by quizzes (on Friday). The material in the readings will typically be covered in the week before the quiz. Bring any questions you have about the readings to class, so that we can cover anything that's not clear.
  1. Week 1: Ruby Chapter 1 & 2 (read 2 after you do Lab 1 and before you do Lab 2!)
  2. Week 2: Java Chapter 1, Ruby Chapter 3
  3. For 9/12: Java Chapter 2, Ruby Chapter 4
  4. For 9/19: Java Chapter 3
  5. For 9/26: Java Chapter 4

Some old links that might be useful:

New terms by chapter

TOC Table of contents (which is also the outline for the course)
Simply Java Whole text (seriously outdated)