PSYC 394/395: Senior Internship


As part of the senior capstone experience for psychology majors, completing a Senior Internship or Thesis will afford students the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of an area of psychology that interests them.As students have learned from many of their classes, it is difficult to separate the science of psychology from its application.The goal of the senior internship is for students to learn how these two aspects of psychology are interrelated. Whether students complete an Applied Internship or a Research Internship, they will have the opportunity to delve into a psychological literature in depth and to develop a greater appreciation for what applied psychologists or research psychologists do.


Beginning in Fall 2005, all seniors will enroll for PSYC 394 in the fall semester of their senior year and PSYC 395 in the spring semester.These .5 credit courses together are what comprise the senior experience in psychology.PSYC 394 focuses on the internship itself.For students doing applied internships, the classes will focus on the practical application of psychology at their internship site.Internship sites where students have been placed have been varied and have recently included: The Childrenís Guild, Family Building Blocks, Liberty House, Salem-Keizer Schools, Willamette University Admissions Office, Marion County DAís Office Victimís Assistance Program, Mid-Valley Womenís Crisis Service, Salem Police Department, Head Start, and Salem Hospital Psychiatric Unit. For students doing research internships, the fall semester will focus on helping students design their original study and collect their data. In order to enroll in PSYC 394, students must have completed PSYC 252: Research Methods and Analysis I and PSYC 300: Internship Orientation. PSYC 395 classes will support students in the writing of their scholarly paper.For applied interns, this will be a thesis paper where students must use the relevant psychology literature to support an argument they are making.For research interns, this will be an APA-formatted report of their empirical study.In order to enroll in PSYC 395, students must have completed PSYC 253: Research Methods and Analysis II and PSYC 394.


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