PSYC 430: Child Sexual Abuse Seminar


This seminar is designed for advanced students in psychology who wish an extensive study of child sexual abuse.The course covers a variety of topics all of which will hopefully broaden studentsí understanding of child sexual abuse, its ramifications, and issues of treatment and prevention. Topics may vary depending on student interest, but topics frequently addressed include: (a) societal contributions to sexual abuse; (b) behavioral and psychological indicators of child sexual abuse; (c) short- and long-term effects of sexual abuse; (d) sexual abuse of special populations; (e) forensic assessment of abuse; (f) legal issues related to sexual abuse; (g) differential effects of abuse on males vs. females; (h) clergy abuse; (i) types of offenders; (j) intra- vs. extrafamilial abuse; (k) repressed vs. false memories related to sexual abuse; (l) psychological disorders related to abuse; (m) adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; and (n) prevention of sexual abuse.


A seminar like this runs the risk of becoming a therapy session for individuals whose lives have been affected by sexual abuse.I encourage students who wish a more therapeutic approach to this topic to contact the counseling center or to set up informal debriefings/support groups with other students outside of class.I will certainly be open to talking with students about issues raised by the content of the course, but the ultimate goal of the seminar is to approach the topic of child sexual abuse from a research-based perspective.


The Child Sexual Abuse Seminar is offered in alternate years.Click on the link below to view the most recent course syllabus.