Differential Equations handouts

Spring 2013, Prof. Janeba

Course syllabus

Homework assignments
Things You Need to Know, an episodic review of useful  facts.  Know these to avoid suffering.

A Math Course Survival Guide.  This one was written for freshman calculus, but 95% of it applies to P/Stat, particularly the parts about how to read the text and what you must get out of it.  Read it; you need to know this.

Project 1

Project 2

An old final exam from a related course.  PLEASE NOTE that this exam has one (or perhaps two) problems I wouldn't quite ask you in this class, and it's much longer than what I'd likely give you.  I'm sure there is more than one topic we've covered this term that we didn't cover in the other class.  All that said, these are mostly good problems for you to be able to do.

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