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3D Printing

3D Printing

Procedure for prototype printing:
  1. Fill out a Work Order Form.
  2. Once submitted, the form is forwarded to the sponsoring faculty member (sponsor) for approval.
  3. The sponsor, based on the request, approves a limited number of model printings.
  4. An e-mail is sent to both the lab manager and the student requestor that the form has been approved.
  5. The lab manager will create a Tryst project folder for the student project team.
  6. The team uploads the design file to the project folder. The file should be STL (for completely white objects) or VRML (for color) formats. The student team is responsible for the printability of their design. Some best practices to ensure printability are described on the "Model Preparation" page.
  7. A check is done by the lab to ensure the design can be printed.
  8. If changes are needed in the design an email requesting those changes is sent to the team.
  9. The team may retry step 6 once the necessary changes are made.
  10. The design is printed and the team is notified to collect it from the lab.
  11. If the team wants to request more printings, it has to be authorized by the faculty sponsor with a Work Order Form.