AS201 Japan: Age of Gods/Kojiki Myths

Plain of High Heaven Takamagahara

Izanagi (Male) AND IZANAMI (Female) Deities

give birth to many deities, including the brother and sister:

Amaterasu-no-Omikoto and Susu-no-O (Sun Goddess and Storm God)


Ninigi-no-mikoto, Amaterasu's Grandson

Given 3 Sacred Treasures: Mirror, Sword, Jewels

and told to "Pacify the Land"


Ninigi's Grandson allegedly becomes Japan's first emperor, Emperor Jimmu or Jimmu Tenno,


but Jimmu is not historically verifiable; and he definitely did not emerge as a ruler in 660 BC!!


Perhaps Emperor Sujin is first verifiable ruler but most likely ruled in the Third Century AD, 219-249, not 97-30 BC as official chronology would have it.


Ojin Tenno 270-310, some 20 years later, might be a better candidate for the earliest Japanese monarch; maybe he was a renegade Puyo aristocrat who came over from Paekche or Koguryo and took over the Sujin line and moved the base from Kyushu to the Yamato Plain

or even


Yuryaku tenno from 456-479 AD or possibly even as late as


Keitai Tenno 507-531 meaning AFTER early Japanese state had formed it was hi-jacked by people with superior military technology and state-building experience