Short Writing Assignment on Early Japan or Buddhism


1. Japan: what is the "Horserider Theory" and what is its significance for understanding early Japan and Korea? What are some of the key questions it touches upon? How does the Three Kingdoms in Korea period affect the evolution of early Japanese history?

2. Buddhism in China and Japan. Write a brief paper about the basic teachings of Buddhism. How does it differ from Confucianism? How/when did Buddhism come to China and later into Japan? Why do you think it held such an appeal?


This writing assignment will be shorter--3-4 pages--more descriptive and need not be as analytical as the "regular" papers. It is just a way for you to process and crystallize your impressions of the Horeserider Theory or Buddhism. Therefore, they need not be "formal" papers that advance a particular argument. Just present a brief summary or overview of your subject. What interests you about either one of these topics?

Due October 29th in class