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Faculty Evaluation at


What are our Standards or Criteria?

Key Language from the PPP

PPP Language on Teaching

How does FC Evaluate Teaching Effectiveness?

More on Teaching

What would constitute ┼gIneffective┼h Teaching?

Language about Professional Development

Section VII. C., 1 Promotion to Associate

Promotion to Professor

So, could we conclude from this that in regard to Professional Development:

What we are not specifying

The Role of the Personal Statement

Organizing Your CV

How does the ┼gbar┼h differ for Promotion to Professor?

What is the Role of Service?

Professional Development v. Service

What about Criteria for Step Increases?

General Practices

Have our Evaluation Standards Changed Significantly over the Years?

Has the ┼gBar,┼h then, been Raised?

A Typical Tenure Review File?

┼gWhat exactly are the Expectations that FC works with?┼h

As stated previously,

You should be aware that

Is our Evaluation Process Fair and Consistent?

How to Read FC Letters

A Personal View


Author: Ronald Loftus

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