J131 Review Materials for Final Exam


Two Parts


Part I focusing on Ch. 6:


I.               Short Oral response (10)

a.     What did you do?

b.     How was it?

c.     What time did you get up?

d.     Did you eat breakfast?

e.     When will you go home?

f.      What will you do over Christmas break

g. How was this semester? (このセメスターは どう でしたか。)


II.             Verbs (8) from English to – ます form and then to  -て下さい form

III.           Adjectives (8) from English into 2 forms: くて form and Past Affirmative (Adj-かった form)

IV.          Verbs in Purpose of Motion form (V-stem + )—5 short sentences English to Japanese

V.            Japanese to English sentences (10)

VI.          English to Japanese Sentences (8)

VII.        Kanji





Part II Comprehensive Review L 1-5


I.               Questions in Japanese for you to respond to (12)

II.             Sentences from English to Japanese (15)

III.           Time Expressions/Time Words short sentences (8)

IV.          Katakana to write (6)




VERBS you should know:


                             -masu form             V-te kudasai form

1. meet



2. swim



3. read



4. eat



5. come



6. go



6. return



8. write



8. play



9. do



10. talk





Practice also V-stem + ni + motion verb:


1.     tabe ni ikimasu たべに いきます = go in order to eat


2.     kiki ni ikimasu ききに いきます = go in order to ask


3.     ai ni kimasu あいに きます = come in order to meet


4.     sensei to hanashi ni kaerimasu 先生と はなしに かえります = go back in order to talk with Sensei


  etc., etc.




Adjectives you should know:


                                                            くて Form                       Past (かった) From

  1. busy


  1. interesting


  1. difficult


  1. lonely


  1. regrettable


  1. sad


  1. boring


  1. free, idle


  1. happy


  1. quiet


  1.  wide, spacious


  1.  lively


  1. bright


  1.  narrow, cramped


  1.  pretty, clean


  1.  dark


  1.  good


  1.  fast, quick, early


  1.  easy


  1.  fun, pleasant





Some Sentence structures we are likely to see:


1.              What kind of building is Eaton Hall?



2.             Over there, there is a new bank. (あそこに______が あります)



3.             This (thing) is a small university (これは)



4.             What is (there) on top of the television?



5.             A photograph and a magazine.



6.             That (thing) is a spacious classroom. (それは)



7.             I went to the convenience store in order to read a magazine.



8.             I was sad and it was too bad, regrettable!



9.    Please write me an email.



10.  Won’t you take a walk with me?



11.   I went to meet with Sensei and then I returned to my room



12.          That blue book bag(かばん)is Lee-san’s.



13.          Nakayama-san’s house is not very old.



14.          Whose pen is that? (それは だれの____)



15.          It is Yamada-san’s. 



16.          Is there a convenience store around here? (この へんに)



17.          The bank is behind the post-office.  (ぎんこうは)



18.          To the left of the door, there is a bed.



19.          The Japanese test was easy and fun.



12. Tonight there will be a Japanese movie at the library.



13. That book is new and very interesting.



14. Do you often study at the Bistro?



15. No, I never study there.  But I sometimes study at the Student Union.



16. That movie was boring and not very good.



17. On Sundays, I sometimes watch TV.




  18. That bank was not very famous.



19. Is there a bank on the campus?



20. Yes, it is in the student union.



21. Behind the sofa there is small bookcase.



22. Outside the window there is a large dog. 



23.       That cake is small and expensive.



24. The party was lively and fun.



25. That new building is the station.



26. Won’t you study with me tomorrow? 



27.   I will go to the library in order to read a newspaper.



28. Please come here.



29. I went to meet a friend at the café and I drank some coffee.












Department Store








New York












Part-time job












Convenience Store