J131                                                 L5 Review Materials


Test Structure


1.Short Oral Response (10)


2. Respond to location questions based on a picture (10)


3. Fill in the particles and Give the English for the Sentence (10)


4. E-J Give the Japanese for…(10)


5.Kanji 4 compounds from L4 to recognize, 5 new Kanji to produce (i.e., write).




Patterns or Expressions covered in Ch. 5


  1. Location:  Where is X?

  2. Amount/Duration:  How Long does it take…?

  3. “no” as substitute for noun meaning “one.”

  4. Particle use: wo, de, X~kara Y~made, Wa of contrast with negative, place ni/e, etc.

  5. This, That, That Over There (kono~, sono~, ano~ + a noun



1.    This room is a bright room.

2.    The pretty one is over there.

3.    This TV is the new TV. /This (thing) is the new TV.

4.    The old one is over there. / The splendid one is that one.

5.    What is behind the library?

6.    There is a tall building.

7.    What is on top of the desk?

8.    A telephone and a computer.

9.    Outside the window there is a small cat.

10.                     The bed is to the left of the window.

11.                     Where is the student union?

12.                     It is next to Goudy.

13.                     What is that splendid building?

14.                     It is a bank.

15.                     Yesterday, I went to the bank.  I also went to the supermarket.

16.                     But I did not go to the library.

17.                     Where is the library?

18.                     It is in front of the gym.

19.                     Which person is Tanaka-san?

20.                     Who will come today?

21.                     Which pen is Yamanaka-san’s?

22.                     The blue one.

23.                      How long does it take to walk from the classroom to your room?

24.                     Is there a closet in your room? Desk, bed, computer, etc.

25.                     I eat dinner everynight. But I do not eat lunch very often.

26.                     I have class from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

27.                     What is inside the closet?

28.                     How many hours do you sleep every night.

29.                     What is near the desk?

30.                     How long does it take by car to go from Salem to Portland?