J132 L8 Review Materials

L8 Unit Test will consist of:

1. the usual oral short response--8 question--though the answers will contain numbers, amounts and stuff printed on the page.

2. 12 Japanese to English including some responses to どうして questions requiring an んです explanation for a response.

3. A short shopping dialogue to translate into English.

4. 10 English to Japanese sentence.

5. 10 review kanji; 5 for Recognition and 5 for Production (writing)



1. Please show me that necklace.



2. I want to go to see a movie tonight.



3. How many dogs are there?  There are 3.



4. I ate 3 apples yesterday.



5. I want 3 sweaters.



6. I bought 4 pens.



7. How many books did you read?



8. I read 7.



9. In my room, I have about 18 CDs.



10. There are two large cats over there.



11. Yesterday I ate 4 bananas.



12. I want a new hat. (Or, I want to buy a new hat.)



13. Where is the menswear department?



14. What floor is the women’s clothing department.



15. I have 2 dictionaries.



16. Takayama-san wants 2 small umbrellas and 1 ring. 



17. In that room there are two little dogs.



18. Tomorrow I want to by two new belts.



19. Do you (really) never cook at all?



20. Yes, (because) I don't have time.



21.     What is on the second floor?



22.     The stationery department. 



23.     Oh, right. Last week I bought 3 pencils and 4 erasers there.


24. Today, where will you go? (use ~n for these next several)


25. I am going to the department store.


26. Eh? The you're going to the department store?


27. Yes, (because) there are having a big sale.  

28. Ms. Ueda wants to buy 2 sweaters and 1 blue hat.