J314                                                    KOKORO


What srikes you about all these terms that Soseki uses? What is the nature of the language of this text?


Our modern outlook.                     Alone


It was in the midst of this confusion that I found Sensei.


Westerner.                                        Curiosity


Overcome with the desire to follow him.


An irrepressible desire to become close to Sensei.


Unsociable, aloof, always alone


No ties of any kind to people there


I's disappointment, his self-confidence shaken


"I would perhaps find in him the things that I looked for." (8)


"But now, when Sensei is dead, I am  beginning to understand." (8)


Warning: he despised himself, refused to accept intimacy of others


Wife, a beautiful lady, quiet (Shizu); no children


Trips to the cemetery-- have you thought about the reality of death?


"A friend of mine is buried there"


He was quiet, lonely yet "I" desired to get close to Sensei


Peaceful but a shadow crosses his face--annoyance? Dislike? Fear? Anxiety?


Behavior was strange.  A lonely man.  A melancholy man.


"You will no longer want to visit me."


"If I were the sort of person she thinks I am, I would not suffer so."


Silence.  Facial expression of despair, regret, relief?


There is guilt in loving.  Also something sacred


I distrust the whole of humanity.  I don't even trust myself


"You see, loneliness is the price we have to pay for being born in this modern age, so full of freedom, independence, and our own egotistical selves." (30)





 Why do you think loneliness is the price we have to pay for living in this modern age?