J314                                                 Medieval Culture


Political                                                         Cultural

Kamakura Bakufu/Shogunate                  Two new kinds of Buddhism


= Signifies Rise of Samurai Power


            Capital in Eastern Japan                              1. Popular Buddhism

            Shogunal Rule                                                          a. Pure Land (Jodo)

                        +Regents                                                       b. True Pure Land (Jodo Shinshu)

                        + Military Governors                                  c. Lotus Sect or Nichiren

                        +Land stewards (samurai)

                                                                                    2. Zen-- Rinzai Sect --Eisai

                                                                                                   Soto Sect --Hogen


Ashikaga Shogunate 1336-1572                 The fûryû cultural complex crystallizes

            Capital Back in Kyoto = blend                   Tea Ceremony

                                                                                    Landscape Gardening

            Shoguns weak                                              Flower Arranging

            Military Governors strong             Ink painting = Sumi-e

                                                               Noh theatre

            Increasing conflict-------->warfare Picture Scolls

                                                                                    Painted Screens

                                                                                   Oral Literature = Heike monogatari or Tale of the Heike

                                                                                    Renga = Linked Verse 7-5-7 Open/ 7-7 Close-->next 7-5-7

Wars of (Re)Unification = Sengoku jidai

            1560-1600                                                                   Characterisitics of this New Culture:

                                                                                                            •Zen influenced

                                                                                                            •tossed naturalism

                                                                                                            •tasteful simplicity

                                                                                                            •fragile imperfection

                                                                                                            •rough, restrained beauty

                                                                                                            •evokes sadness/oneness

                                                                                                            •refined elegance

                                                                                                            •sparse, plain decor



Tokugawa Shogunate 1600-1867   Chonin bunka or Urban Culture = Dynamic

            Stable, urban, peaceful                                Townsmen Culture, colorful, spectacle

                                                                                                New Prose fiction

            Strong central authority                                         Puppet Theater - Bunraku

                                                                                                Kabuki = actors central

                                                                                                Haiku = 17 syllable

                                                                                                Woodblock Prints