J132 Review Materials

Below are the review materials for the final.


Structure of test:

I. Japanese-->English Sentences (15)


II. Answer according to the picture (10)


III. Answer according to a map with post office, bank, bookstore, restaurant, etc. indicated (8)


IV. Fun with Particles: fill in particles and TRANSLATE the sentences into English (26)


V. VERBS て-form--->    Plain Past ------>Plain Negative------>Past of Plain Negative

ADJECTIVES -て form(くて)---> Plain Past---->Plain Negative----->Past of Plain Negative


VI. Respond in Japanese (15)


VII. Respond in Japanese giving reasons/explanations ( N desu) (6)


VIII. English to Japanese (15)


IX. Kanji 15 Recognition (compounds); 15 Production (about half are from most recent L. 11 kanji). e.g.,



Here are some general Review Sentences to practice with:


1. Next week, I am going to the mountains.


2. I often listen to music.


3. Everyday, I have class at 10:20.


4. Yesterday, I made sushi.


5. I spoke with my classmate on the phone.


6. Shall we go see a movie sometime?


7. How much for one CD?


8. Do you like writing papers?


9. Did you go hiking often when you were in high-school?


10. I went to the Bistro (in order) to meet a friend.


11. Stereos are on the eighth floor.


12. What kind of music do you like best?


13. I swim a lot at the pool.


14. I bought a new blouse at the department store.


15. Mt. Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon.


16. I will go to France next year.


17. I like baseball more than football.


18. How do you say this in Japanese?


19. Behind the television there is a window.


20. Lee-san came from Korea. He is majoring in literature.


21. Which tastes better, Pepsi or Coca Cola?


22. This is my friend's new guitar.


23. I watched a video with a friend.


24. Shall we eat pizza somewhere?


25. I write my parents a letter once every two weeks.


26. I drank coffee at a coffee shop.


27. I will meet a friend tomorrow at the Bistro.


28. Which one is Yamaguchi-san's magazine?


29. I love eating out at restaurants.


30. Alaska is bigger than Oregon.


31. I am taking (totte-imasu) four classes right now.


32. I clean my room three times per month.


33. I went to that restaurant in order to talk with a friend.


34. What kinds of food do you like?


36. Behind the sofa is a big chair.









These sentences are leftover from a year when the older Nakama version of L. 10 Unit Test was part of the Final Exam.



L. 10 Sentences:


1. Are you good at writing kanji?


2. What kind of company does your father work for?


3. My younger brother is tall and his hair is short.


4. It's small and inexpensive.


5. Ms. Yamaguchi is a lively and pretty person.


6. Mr. Yamada is the second from the oldest child.


7. The person who is married is Tanaka-san.


8. Ther person who isn't married is Yamakawa-san.


9. Todd-san understands Japanese well, doesn't he.


10. It's nearby and big.


11. My older sister has long hair and very pretty eyes.


12. Mr. Yamada is the teacher who is over there.


13. The woman with long hair is Alice-san.


14. The person who is wearing jeans is Satoo-san.


15. How many people are in your family?


16. I have three siblings.


17. Tanaka-san's older brother is 29 years old.


18. He is smart and nice.


19. That book is short and interesting.