Review Sentences L. 7


This lesson introduced us to:

1. How to express likes and dislikes 好き/きらい

や = things like こうちゃ や コーヒーが大好き

2. Using Dictionary form of Verb + の to make a noun phrases = すしを たべるのが 好き

3. Using 2 は clauses linked by が to CONTRAST things =コーヒーは のみますが、こうちゃは のみません。

4. Comparatives and Superlatives Aより Bの方が 古い、一番いい、A も Bも 好き

5. Plain negatives of verbs and use of ので to give a Reason = 新しいので,高いです.時間がないので,いきません



Probable test structure:

I. Short Orals (8)

II. Japanese-->English (10)

III. Verbs Dictionary Form and Plain Negative as seen below (10)

IV. Respond (written questions) (10)

V. English--->Japanese (8)

VI. Kanji Production (write the kanji) and give theEnglish equivalent (9-10)

Sample sentences:

1. Which do you prefer, baseball or football?


2. I prefer baseball.


3. What is your favorite food? (or, among food. . .which do you like best. . .?)


4. I eat oranges more than apples.


5. I love traveling.


6. I don't like eating out at restaurants.


7. Which do you prefer, classical music or jazz?


8. I prefer classical.


9. Which is better(いい), a new house or an old house?


10. I eat fish more than I eat meat.


11. What kinds of things do you like to do?


12. What is your hobby? Ans: X が 好き


13. Do you like going to the park?


14. Which is more fun, being here on campus or going out?


15. The library is the biggest building.


16. Which is better, Pepsi or Coca Cola ?


17. I prefer______.


18. I like juice but I do not like coffee.


19. Did you exercise yesterday?


20. Is Kyoto newer than Tokyo? [No, Tokyo is newer]


21. Do you dislike reading books?


22. On Wednesday, I don't have class so I will have time.


23. Do you jog a lot?


24. No, I don't like it or I dislike it, so I don't do it.


25. I love reading books.


26. I don't like drawing pictures very much.


27. Which do you prefer, fish or meat?


28. I like both fish and meat.


29. A new house is better than an old house.


30. Do you like singing songs?


31. I like watching tennis but I do not like to play (do) it very much.


32. I did not eat breakfast but I did eat lunch.


33. I like going to concerts but I do not like singing songs.


34. This fish is cheaper than meat.


35. What kind of music do you listen to the most?




Verbs: Give the

Plain (dictionary) form


Plain negative form:










take (a photo)


get up