IDS 101

College Colloquium
Oh Canada!




Sammy Basu





Writing Center Associate

Max Peterson



Class Hours:



WLT 134


Course Description


Oh Canada!  Where is it? What is it?  How and why is it different from America?  What can we learn about ourselves by getting to know our northern neighbor?  To what extent do we define ourselves in relation to an ŌOtherÕ?  This course begins with a beer commercial and ends by reflecting on competing visions of the future of North America.  Along the way, we will look at Canadian history, geography, politics, and culture, consider the place of First Nations and Quˇbec, as well as explore public policies towards health-care, welfare, religion, gender and sexuality, crime, the environment, multiculturalism, and war and peace.  We will visit the web a great deal in class, host a guest speaker or two, try to imitate the great Canadian thespian William Shatner.



Course Readings


Patrick James and Mark Kasoff (Eds.)

Canadian Studies in the New Millennium (2007)

Diana Hacker,

A Pocket Style Manual (2012, 6th edition)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Discover Canada (2011)

Statistics Canada, Canada at a Glance (2012)

Eugene Forsey,
How Canadians Govern Themselves (2005)


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All additional readings will be available online within the course syllabus page or the WISE site