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Sammy Basu PhD


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1:50-3:00pm or by appt


Writing Center Associate

Max Peterson




Oh Canada!  Where is it? What is it?  How and why is it different from America?  What can we learn about ourselves by getting to know our northern neighbor?  To what extent do we define ourselves in relation to an ‘Other’?  This course begins with a beer commercial and ends by reflecting on competing visions of the future of North America.  Along the way, we will look at Canadian history, geography, politics, and culture, consider the place of First Nations and Québec, as well as explore public policies towards health-care, welfare, religion, gender and sexuality, crime, the environment, multiculturalism, and war and peace.  We will visit the web a great deal in class, host a guest speaker or two, and try to imitate the great Canadian thespian William Shatner.


Student Learning Outcomes


As a section of Willamette University’s College Colloquium program, this course is intended to cultivate and facilitate your abilities to:

  • Think critically
  • Read closely
  • Write effectively
  • Discuss reflectively


Course Requirements


You will be evaluated on your successful completion of the following:


  • Participation including consistent attendance, general preparedness, regular involvement, and random tests of your mental agility (25%)
  • Discussion leadership (15%)
  • 3 Writing Assignments (15, 20, 25%) including online posting, drafts, and meeting with Writing Center Consultant (60% total)


Accommodation of Disability


I will make reasonable accommodations for students with a qualifying disability or temporary medical condition, proactively documented through the Office of Disability Services, x6471, while maintaining institutional standards.





Consistent attendance is expected.  If you miss a class, for whatever reason, at the start of the following class you must turn in a 250-word paper discussing the relevance of the reading and other material that was assigned for the day missed.


Technology and Phones


You are welcome to use a laptop, tablet etc in class unless your use of if proves distracting either to you or to others, at which point said device may be removed from your person and sold on Ebay.

Your phone should be turned off in class.  If it rings, I reserve the right to answer it for you, and treat it like said device above.





“Plagiarism (from Latin plagiare "to kidnap") is the practice of claiming, or implying, original authorship or incorporating material from someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one’s own without adequate acknowledgement.” (

Don’t do it!

WU Policy




Course Readings


Patrick James and Mark Kasoff (Eds.)

Canadian Studies in the New Millennium (2007)

Diana Hacker,

A Pocket Style Manual (2012, 6th edition)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Discover Canada (2011)

Statistics Canada, Canada at a Glance (2012)

Eugene Forsey,
How Canadians Govern Themselves (2005)


to buy


to buy





All additional readings will be available online within the course syllabus page or the WISE site





Max Peterson







4:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m.                   College Colloquium


                                                Why Canada?

                                                ‘As Canadian as …’


                                                Talking with Americans (2006, 7.37)

                                                22 Minutes Apology to America (2006, 2.26)

                                                California on Canada (2010, 4.53)

                                                New York Times, ‘‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People                                                                               Around the World’ (Feb 6, 2012 and here)





8:30 a.m.-10:15 a.m.                  Student College Colloquium Prep Time

                                                Upload: Postcards assignment on WISE (if not done yet)

                                                Read: Funny in Farsi, Chapter 1 excerpt


10:30 a.m.-noon                       Opening Convocation

                                                (attendance is required)




"How I Combined Humor, Life Stories and a Liberal Arts Education To Create the Most Unusual (yet successful!) Career."


Firoozeh Dumas


Best-selling Iranian-born Author,

Laughing Without an Accent: Adventures of a Global Citizen (2008)

Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America (2003)


1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.                   College Colloquium

                                                What advice did Dumas give you?

                                                Leaving the nest

                                                Sending Postcards






8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.                  Student College Colloquium Prep Time


                                                Lyrics and view Banknotes,

                                                identify recurring themes and tropes


                                                ‘O Canada’ (1880, 1968, 1980) (vid, 1999, 1.30) (vid, 2012, 2.00)

                                                ‘American Woman’ (1970) (vid, 4.33) v (2006) (vid, 4.21)
                                                ‘Blame Canada’ (1999) (vid, 1.24) or Williams (2000) (vid, 2.52)
                                                ‘I am a Canadian’ (2000) (vid), or (vid)
                                                ‘I am Not Canadian’ (2000) (vid, 1.42)
                                                William Shatner ‘I am Canadian’ (vid, 3.02)
                                                The Arrogant Worms ‘I am not American’ (2004) (vid, 3.24)
                                                Weird Al Yankovic ‘Canadian Idiot’ (2006) (vid, 2.34)

                                                Bentley & Gunadie ‘Canadian, Please’ (2009) (vid, 2.29).


10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.             College Colloquium

                                                 ‘I am a Canadian’ (2000) (vid), or (vid)

                                                 and other Videos above

                                                 Music and Lyrics

                                                 Paintings (on G7gallery)

                                                 Symbols (GC) and Font (Adanac)

                                                 Metaphors and Maps (CanadainMaps)


12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.               Lunch with OD leaders & professor at Goudy






9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.                  College Colloquium



                                                The Liberal Arts

                                                The WU BA degree

                                                The student Academic Evaluation Record (AER)

                                                or Degree Audit


10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                  Academic Advising

(scheduled individual appointments with professor)


Victoria Trip Information

Pics from 2007







                                                First Day of regular Classes



WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29 12:40-1:40pm




Manning, Erin. 2000. “I AM CANADIAN Identity, Territory and the Canadian National Landscape.”Theory and Event, 4:4

See also Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, Jin-Me Yoon, 


Seiler, Robert M. 2002. Selling Patriotism/ Selling Beer: The Case of the "I AM CANADIAN!" Commercial.” American Review of Canadian Studies, Spring, 32.1, pp.45-67.


In Class:


Performing National Identity


Extra stuff:

Later Beer ads: anthem (vid), moon (vid), passive (vid), 500 miles (vid), abroad (vid), Glen (vid), beaver (vid), chasing beaver (vid), rash (vid), starts here (vid), hockey (vid), hockey stick (vid), hockey bag (vid), fly (vid), penalty box (vid), Jason Jones (vid), Canada Day (vid)




FRIDAY, AUGUST 31  12:40-1:40pm





Edwardson, Ryan. 2003. "Of War Machines and Ghetto Scenes": English-Canadian Nationalism and The Guess Who's "American Woman". American Review of Canadian Studies, 33.3, p339-356.





In Class:


Canada and America Mutual Cultural Learnings


So you want to move to Canada? Canada sucks.

Tom Brokaw explains Canada to Americans (2010, 6.16)


Rick Mercer: All About Canada (FAQ)

Overview comparison (


Gallup: US on Canada/Others (2011)


























MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3   12:40-1:40pm





CS, ‘Introduction
’ pp.3-7, Patrick James and Mark Kasoff



Discover Canada

Š  The Oath of Citizenship

Š  Message to Our Readers

Š  Applying for Citizenship

Š  Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Š  Who We Are

Š  Canada’s History

Š  Canadian Symbols


CIC: Modern Canada


In Class:


Getting to Know Canada


Russell Peters: The Canadian Accent

Rick Mercer: On Annoying Canadian Stereotypes

Canadian Values: Issues and Symbols (ppt)

Historic Pride (ppt)

Fire and Ice circa 2000



WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Canada: Too Much Geography?
’ pp.8-36, Michael J. Broadway



Discover Canada

Š  Canada’s Regions


In Class:


Spatiality – Geography


Rick Mercer Rant: “Canadian Weather

Rick Mercer: “Have and have-Not Provinces





FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Canadian History in North American Context
’ pp.37-64, John Herd Thompson and Mark Paul Richard


And (in WISE)

S.M. Lipset, Continental Divide, 
Chapter 1: Revolution and Counterrevolution
Chapter 2: The American Ideology
Chapter 3: The Canadian Identity



In Class:


Temporality - History


Timeline Canada

Timeline USA

History of Canada-US relations

Migration (UofC)





Assignment 1 (15%): “I am American

Due: M, 9/26 online and as a hardcopy in time for class


Using Word to create a web-page
How to post a web-page at WU

Or wordpress or iweb or ahead or wix or prezi



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10   12:40-1:40pm




main lobby area


Library Orientation – Ford Schmidt

Head of Reference Services







How do Others see America(ns)? And how would we go about finding out?




The Internship and Volunteer Fair, Cat Cavern – Information booths you can visit with non-profit organizations, agencies and for-profit companies describing opportunities to gain experience.






Last Day to Add/Drop Full Sem. & 1st Half Semester courses                                        




WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Politics and Government’ 
pp.65-99, Munroe Eagles and Sharon A. Manna





anada’s System of Government


In Class:




Canada’s House of Commons

The Legislative Process of Canada


Treleaven on Comparison

RMR: How Parliament Works

RMR: “Voting 101


Canada’s House of Commons (vid)

March 2011 pre-election controversy

March 25 2011 vote of no-confidence





FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14   12:40-1:40pm




Corak, Miles. 2009. Chasing the Same Dream, Climbing Different Ladders: Economic Mobility in the United States and Canada. Economic Mobility Project.  Pew Charitable Trust.


In Class:

The Social Contract


Mother Jones on Inequality

Federal Tax Dollars and Party Vote


Mercer: Why Canadians Pay Taxes

Mercer: Canada Revenue Agency


Extra Stuff:

Mendelsohn, Matthew. 2002. Canada’s Social Contract: Evidence from Public Opinion. CPRN Discussion Paper No. P|01


Jedwab, Jack. 2007. Shared Canadian Values: Issues and Symbols. PPT.




MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘The Economy’ 
pp.223-244 Mark Kasoff and Christine Drennen



In Class:


The Economy


Mercer: Merging the Cdn and US Dollar

Mercer: Canada Banking



Kasoff, Mark. 2007. “East Meets West in the Canadian Oil Sands.” ARCS, 37, 2, 177-183.

Alberta’s Oil Sands v Oil Sands Truth

Keystone XL Pipeline CNN (19 Sep 2011)


Tar Sands Extraction- The Dirty Truth (11.39 min)




WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19  12:40-1:40pm




Docteur, Elizabeth and Robert Berenson. 2009. ‘How does the quality of US HealthCare Compare Internationally?’ Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


In Class:


Health Care


Mercer on Health Canada

Mercer on Canadian Choking Institute

Mercer on Health Canada

Mercer on Best Thoracic Surgeon with a day job

Mercer on Chalmers Health Group

Mercer on Marcus Clinic


Healthy Eating From Health Canada

Health History

National Health Care policy (ppt)

Canadian healthcare 2004 (ppt)

Canadian healthcare 2007 (ppt)


Michael Orsini on HealthCare


Uwe Reinhardt (2009) vid



OECD 2012 HC Reports on Canada and US

Kaiser Family Foundation. 2011. ‘Health Care Costs


Extra Stuff:

Joint Canada-United States Survey of Health 2003

Skala, Nicholas. 2006. ‘Previous Studies Comparing Health Care in the Us vs. Canada.




FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21   12:40-1:40pm





S.J. Kunitz, with I. Pesis-Katz. 2005. “Mortality of White Americans, African Americans, and Canadians: the causes and consequences for health of welfare state institutions and policies.”  Milbank Quarterly, 83: 5-39.


In Class:


Social Assistance


NYT: US LifeSpans

OECD Better Life: Canada

OECD Better Life: United States


CCPA: Affordability Gap between rich and poor

CCPA Canada’s Growing Gap (3.29 min)

Us Wealth Gap


Naomi Klein: ‘Occupy Wall Street: The Most Important Thing in the World Now’ (2011)

Naomi Klein: Interview (4.44min)

Mike Meyers: visits Occupy (6.46min)




Academic Workshops - “Strategies for Success” in the Learning Commons, Montag Den




MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24   12:40-1:40pm


In Class:


Other’s perceptions of America(ns)


Post Hurricane Katrina (ppt)

Canadian perceptions of America (2004 poll and 2005 polls)


Pew Research Center on Views of the US and American Foreign Policy (2011)


The Atlantic: ‘What Guidebooks Tell Foreign Visitors to the US’ (2012)


Globe and Mail: ‘Yes we Canada’




WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26   12:40-1:40pm





1st Presentation


Pitch (sing if you wish) the product, 
i.e. present and discuss the webpage with your completed Assignment 1 song.



FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28   12:40-1:40pm





1st Presentation continued


Pitch (sing if you wish) the product, 
i.e. present and discuss the webpage with your completed Assignment 1 song.



MONDAY, OCTOBER 1   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Native Peoples’ pp. 100-124, Michael Lusztig


National Post: ‘Uneasy Dance’ (2011)


In Class:


First Nations


Uof C: ‘Canada’s First Nations’

Statistics Canada: ‘Aboriginal Peoples’


Canada’s Long Train of Abuses 1 (8.44min) and 2 (8.37)

Stephen Harper: Indian Residential School Apology (11 June 2008, 7 min)


Al Jazeera: ‘Poverty USA – Native Americans’ (2007)

Joanelle Romero, American Holocaust of Native American Indians (2009, 9.51)



Assignment 2 (20%): “Home-making

Due: W, 10/22 online and as a hardcopy in class




WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Quebec’s Destiny’ 
pp.165-184, Louis Belanger and Charles F. Doran

In Class:


Quebec and Bilingualism


French Language use today (2005)

Shared? Values (pdf)
’I am Not Canadian’ (2000) (

Trudeau on "Equality or Independence" (vid)

Quebec as a Nation: New Perspective (vid)

Quebec wants

Harper on Quebec as distinct society

Rick Mercer on Quebec 2006

Linguistic minority vitality study 2006

Unilingualism in Canada 2006

Bilingualism in Canada 2006





FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5   12:40-1:40pm




Kymlicka, Will. 2003. 
”Being Canadian.” 
Government and Opposition 38.3: 357–385.


Harles, John C. 2004. “Immigrant Integration in Canada and the United States. American Review of Canadian Studies, 34.2: 223-258.


In Class:




RMR: Rick and Ruby Dhalla

Trudeau on Multiculturalism 1971

CPRN Policy Brief on Diversity

Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Canada’s Multicultural Portal

How Canada officially thinks about MC

Annual Report on CMA 2007-2008

Conference Board of Canada Acceptance of Diversity 2009

CIC: 20 years of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act (2007-08)




MONDAY, OCTOBER 8   12:40-1:40pm




Guest Speaker


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:11 Mecca Normal draft.jpg


How Art and Music Can Change the World

Mecca Normal will be performing as part of the College Colloquium 2012 Lecture Series: Culture/Control


Ford Hall, Room 122



"How Art & Music Can Change the World"


YouTube playlist: "How Art & Music Can Change the World"


The Listener graphic novel


Mecca Normal Newsletter


Mecca Normal on FaceBook


Mecca Normal history on K Records







Academic Workshops - “Strategies for Success in the Learning Commons, Montag Den




WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Women’s Issues
’ pp.185-222, Patrice Leclerc


In Class:


Women RMR: c-Harmony

RMR: Bold Beautiful Biathlon

Human Rights in C: Women’s rights

Stats Canada on Women in Canada 2011

-        Income data for 2008 and trend 78-08

-       earnings by occupation 2008

Foreign Affairs: Gender and Women Internationally

Center for American Progress: US Women poverty rates 2008

US Dept of Healty and Human Services: women and poverty 2010

National Women’s Law Center: analysis of new census data, 13 Sept 2011

Government Department Status of Women Canada

Real women of Canada org

Angus Reid poll Gender equality still elusive 2010 data

Conference Board of Canada Gender Income Gap 2009

World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap 2011 rankings, Canada 2008 v US 2008

The Star (7 Mar 2012) International Women’s Day 2012

CBC (2 Nov 2011): Canadian Women are politically stifled.

NYT (29 May 2012): For Canada, US Debates are Old News


10-Oct: Last Day to choose CR/NC grading on Full Semester courses




FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12   12:40-1:40pm




Smith, Miriam. 2007. ‘Framing Same-sex Marriage in Canada and the United States: Goodridge, Halpern and The National Boundaries of Political Discourse.’ Social & Legal Studies,16.1: 5-26.


In Class:


Gender and Sexuality


How Gay Marriage Became Legal in Canada (6.59min)

 Bedroom. What’s wrong with gay marriage? (30sec)

Parents.  Blanket

Canada LGBT Marriage Commercial

Canada LGBT Commercial

Toyota Canada commercial

RMR: Harper on Gay Marriage

THh22M on Conservatives on GM
Statistics Canada on
Gay Pride … by the numbers

Global same-sex marriage stats








MONDAY, OCTOBER 15   12:40-1:40pm




Malloy, Jonathan. 2010. ‘Between America and Europe: Religion, Politics and Evangelicals in Canada.’



In Class:


Religion Americans and Canadians


YT: Canada Reiterates Commitment to Religious Freedom


CBC: Is The Christian Right Changing Canada? May 13, 2010





WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17   12:40-1:40pm




CS, ‘Literary and Popular Culture’ pp.15-164, 
Andrew Holman and Robert Thacker



In Class:


Popular Culture and Sports


NFB The Sweater

Joni Mitchell, A Case of You (4.36)

Canadian Commercial - I AM CANADIAN !!!

Canadian, Please.

William Shatner on ET Canada (2006, 2.00)

Feist Interview on Spinners ‘Interface’ (2008, 6.22)

Feist on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (2008, 10.25)






FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19   12:40-1:40pm





Victoria TRIP????



Victoria 2012


                                                Complete: your Career Profile and Credentials

                                                 (if you haven’t already done so)




MONDAY, OCTOBER 22   12:40-1:40pm






2nd Presentation


Present a portion of your written work using the webpage.




Academic Workshops - Strategies for Success in the Learning Commons, Montag Den




WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24   12:40-1:40pm






2nd Presentation continued


Present a portion of your written work using the webpage.




FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26   12:40-1:40pm



No Class


Assignment 3 (25%): “Think Canada (Again)” and for some ideas see here

Due: Wed, 11/19 online and as a hardcopy in class





MONDAY, OCTOBER 29   12:40-1:40pm




Newman, Stephen L. Liberty, Community, and Censorship: Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression in Canada and the United States. American Review of Canadian Studies, Autumn 2002, Vol. 32 Issue 3, p369.


In Class:


Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech


CBC: Hate Speech Cases (2011)









WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31   12:40-1:40pm





Mosher, Clayton J. 2011. ‘Convergence or Divergence? Recent Developments in Drug Policies in Canada and the United States.’ American Review of Canadian Studies, 41.4:370-386. [see WISE in Resources folder]


In Class:


Drug Policies


CBC: Prince of Pot: The US vs Marc Emery (44min)

Tommy Chong to Obama: Pardon Emery (1.59min)

CTV Public Health criticizes conservative drug laws (2011)

US Cops to Canada: Don’t repeat our drug war mistakes (2012, 5:36)






FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2   12:40-1:40pm




Anthony N Doob, Cheryl Marie Webster (2006) 
”Countering Punitiveness: Understanding Stability in Canada's Imprisonment Rate.” 
Law & Society Review 40 (2), 325–368.


In Class:


Crime and Punishment


RMR on Crime and Fear

RMR on Prison Farm Program


Stats Canada data on Cda and Us crime (2000)

Conference Board of Canada on homicides, assaults, and burglaries

NYT on US prison pop levels (2008)

Rate Charts (2009)



2-Nov: Last Day to Withdraw from Full Semester courses





MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5   12:40-1:40pm




CS, “Canadian Foreign Policy,” Cynthia Kite and Douglas Nord, 245-76



In Class:


Foreign Policy


RMR: missile defense

RMR: PSA spoof

RMR on Canada on Afghanistan

RMR on Canada And Iraq (2008)

RMR on War of 1812 (2007)

RMR on War of 1812 Bicentennial (2011)


Under Harper

NYT: War of 1812

FAITC Canada and Peace Operations


Arctic Cold War - Canada (17.41 min)

Canada on foreign policy in North


Canada on Iraq

Foreign relations problem, eg. Arar


Less jobs more wars (2008)

Cda votes to let US Iraq War resisters stay (2008)

Rex Weyler on War Resisters and the environment (19 Oct 2009)


Foreign Aid data

Comparing the FA policies of Bush and Obama research paper

US Foreign Assistance by country data



WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7   12:40-1:40pm




Casey, Timothy. 2011. ‘A Model Environmental Nation? Canada as a Case Study for Informing US Environmental Policy.’ American Review of Canadian Studies, 41.4:345-57.


In Class:


The Environment


RMR Greenpeace turns 40 (2011)

RMR on Ambitious Clean Air Targets (2006)

RMR on Minty Air Act (2006)

RMR Oil Industry Parody (2008)

RMR on Environment Canada (2009)


Conference Board of Canada  Environment (2011)

Siemens Green City Index (2011)

Onearth ‘Blame Canada’ (2011)

RMR Asbestos (2011)


Tar Sands Extraction- The Dirty Truth (11.39 min)


WU and Zena Forest




FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9   12:40-1:40pm


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:barreiro.jpg


Mat B

Director, Academic Support

Liberal Arts

Ford Hall Learning Commons, Rm. 107B

Tel: 5033706505

E-mail: mbarreir





MONDAY, NOVEMBER12   12:40-1:40pm


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:snoopy-writing.jpeg


Peer Discussion of Drafts





WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14   12:40-1:40pm


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:concept_of_advising.jpeg


Canada Quiz

Academic Advising

Reading the Degree Audit





FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16   12:40-1:40pm


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:773052.jpeg



Class goes for Lunch ?









Web Registration




MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19   12:40-1:40pm


Macintosh HD:Users:sbasu:Desktop:canada-america.jpeg


The Future of North America


Emily Gilbert (2007) "Leaky Borders and Solid Citizens: Governing Security, Prosperity and Quality of Life in a North American Partnership" Antipode 39(1): 77-98.


Close Reading Questions



Information session for the College Colloquium Student Research grants on Monday, Nov. 19th, from 7:00-8:00 p.m., in Alumni Lounge on the third floor of the UC.



The recipients of summer 2012 grants were as follows:

Rebecca Hayes, "Examining Latin@ Mobility in the San Francisco Unified School District"

sponsor: Ellen Eisenberg, History


Christopher Ketchum, "Pilgrimage and Pedestrianism"

sponsor: Bobby Brewer-Wallin, Theatre


Cristina Marquez-Guerrero, "Restoration of La Mixteca: Empowering Indigenous Communities"

sponsor: Rebecca Dobkins, Anthropology


Erin McGrew, "Esther Malangu and Faith 47: A Comparison of South African Female Artists"

sponsor: Andries Fourie, Studio Art


Martha Sonato, "Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: Latino/a Voice, Role, and Perspective"

sponsor: Scott Pike, Earth and Environmental Science


The students will briefly discuss their projects, their experiences with the grant, and the impact of the grant and the project on their academic and personal development.  I will go over the basics of the application process, and there will be ample time for questions and answers.


Monique Bourque, Ph.D.

Director, Student Academic Grants and Awards

Willamette University

206 Collins Science Center

900 State Street, Salem, OR 97301


fax 503-370-6773





WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21   12:40-1:40pm












Thanksgiving Holidays - No Classes



Description: :presenting.jpg3rd Presentation

Present your Grant Proposal using an online format.

Wednesday Nov 28

1 Kelci J on Emily Carr

2 Talia G on Teen Suicide Rates & Gender

3 Joe G on A Distinct Society

4 Jed M on the Alberta Oil Sands & Environmental Groups

5 Evan G on Immigration Policy

6 Alex B on Religion in Politics

7 Corbin B on Crime Rates and Responses


Description: :presenting.jpg3rd Presentation continued

Present your Grant Proposal using an online format.

Friday Nov 30

1 Rachel V on Hockey & and Harm to Players

2 Breanne Z on Environment

3 Anna M on Oils Sands

4 Nathan F on Secessionism

5 Julian J on School Quality & Test Scores

6 Nick C on Oil Sands

7 Jemma M on Imprisonment Rates








Last Day of Classes, Full Sem. & 2nd Half Semester courses


DECEMBER 8, 9, 12


Study Days





Final Examinations