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IDS 101.03:

Know Thyself

2nd Writing Assignment
Five Solae




Articulate your vision of how one ought to make decisions and act in five principles.




Your principles should be comprehensive, which means that, collectively understood, they must coherently encompass five major areas of human consideration:

1. epistemology:

theory of knowledge, or how should we come to know what we think we know?

2. metaphysics:

theory of reality physical and beyond, or what if anything can be said about, variously, the transcendent, the divine, the eternal?

3. philosophical anthropology:

theory of human nature, or what sorts of creatures are we essentially and potentially?

4. axiology:

theory of ethics (and aesthetics), or what should one value and why should one act accordingly?

5. politics:

theory of collective wellbeing, or how should we organize ourselves and use power?




Your principles should be memorable. 

There are different ways of accomplishing this.


no more than 70 characters, or half a tweet, not counting spaces (required).

meter and rhyme:

be lyrically catchy.


use effective visual imagery.



For each principle, provide a rationale (of 2 double-spaced pages, or 500 words max) in which you:

make an argument:

the principle is the claim, so support it with reasons and evidence, examples, or illustrations.

address objections:

articulate and respond to at least one central doubt or objection.

refer to our readings:

refer specifically to DeLillo, Ariely, Lewis, and anyone else, using the APA in-text citation method, and provide a list of references accordingly.






Paper Length

12pp: Title page with five principles on it, 10 pp (principle 1 with 2 pp; etc), References page

Meet with

Prof. Basu – to be scheduled

Meet with

WA Ambrielle – to be scheduled


Monday, Oct 13


Monday, October 20, loaded in WISE by 9am sharp


Oct 20, 22


         Grading Rubric











- Comprehensive (10)




- Coherent (10)




- Memorable (10)












- Clarity of reasons (10)




- Salience of evidence (10)




- Objection(s) addressed (10)




- Readings well invoked (10)












Voice: (10)




- Inspiring and persuasive (10)








Writing throughout: (20)




- Typographically correct (10)




- Grammatically correct (10)








Total (100)





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