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IDS 101.04:

Decisions, Decisions

Third Writing Assignment

PSA: Make better decisions!


In this course, you have been presented with an array of approaches (fiction, behavioral economics, mysticism, and neuroscience among them) to patterns of functional and dysfunctional decision-making, as well as some implications and responses.  


I. PSA Video Presentation


Prepare and present a 2-minute video in the style of an effective public service announcement (PSA), that informs the viewer about one fundamental decision-making concept or problem (drawn from Ariely, Attar, Barreiro, Brain Facts, DeLillo, or Houser) and that explains a possible pro-active strategy or solution.  To be effective the PSA should be clear without oversimplification, graphically informative, and memorable (by being shocking, humorous, etc).  The group must also present the video in class and elaborate on its topical importance.


While you have many low- and high-tech digitally enabled options, to constitute a ‘video,’ your group product must involve the movement of graphic elements in an unfolding narrative accompanied by a relevant voice-over.  It must also have opening titling and closing credits.


II. Group Writing to accompany the Video:


Brainstorming Notes – informal record of ideas, imagery, symbols that arise as you work together as a group.  Handwritten or typed.


Story-board  – an informal record of the groups’ developing ideas about the sequence of graphics to be included in the final product.  Handwritten or typed.


Final Transcript – double-spaced typed transcript of the voice-over.


Rationale for Topic

Identify the topic you will be elucidating and justify the importance of this topic (with 3 reasons) and hence of the video too. (2 full double-spaced typed pages or 500 words)


III. Individual writing:


Team member assessment – specify what work was done by each individual team member and assign an overall score (out of 5) based on the quantity and quality of their contributions. (1 page)


Self-assessment  – specify what work you did and assign an overall grade based on the quantity and quality of your contributions. (1 page)




Fri Nov 22 – Emailed to me by Noon.











I. PSA Video (40)




clear (10)




graphically informative (10)




memorable (10)




presentation (10)








II. Group Writing to accompany the Video (40):




Brainstorming Notes








Final Transcript (20)




- elucidates topic (5)




- provides solution (5)




- typographically correct (5)




- grammatically correct (5)








Rationale for Topic  (20)




- persuasive (10)




- typographically correct (5)




- grammatically correct (5)








III. Individual writing: (15)




Team member assessment








- reflective (5)




- typographically correct (5)




- grammatically correct (5)








IV. Grade assigned to you (5)








Total (100)




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