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Mathematics Journals
Homology on the Category of Submersions with J. Wolfgang Smith of Oregon State University, Houston Journal of Mathematics, 4(5) 1979, 565-601.
Application of Cubic Splines on Contour Plotting with Nicholas Liepins of Willamette University, Mathematics Magazine, 63(5) 1990, 343-345.
Application of Computing Topography to Geophysical Problems with Vitaly Morachevsky of Russian Academy of Ecological Science, Proceedings of St. Petersburg State University (Geography/Geology Branch), 2(14) 1993, 68-73.
Contour Plotting for Smooth Surfaces (in Russian) Proceedings of St. Petersburg State University (Astronomy/Mathematics/Mechanics Branch), 4(22) 1994, 117-118.
n-Ellipses and the Minimum Distance Sum Problem, American Mathematical Monthly, 106(3), 1999, 193-202. The abstract of the lead article is shown in the Monthly's Home Page.
The Band around a Convex Set, College Mathematics Journal, 32(2), 2001, 111-114. A brief description is given in the CMJ's Home Page.

Input/output of a contouring program based on the second article:
The contour map can be easily converted to a 3D graphics image:
Here is a more dramatic landscape by the contoring.

Jo (Introduction), Tokaido 53 Stations, Bunka Shuppankyoku, Japan, September, 1974.
Elderhostel by Lewis H. Arends Jr., Statesman-Journal, July 13, 1983.
Kono Hito Konna Hanashi, A Japanese Essay for Myojo Gakuen, Chuo Koron, Japan, June 1989.
Who's the Goat ... Marilyn or the Mathematicians ? Willamette Math Department Newsletter, 1994.
Love for Oregon shows in every line by Ron Cowan, Statesman-Journal, October 7, 1994.
Sekino's Fractal Gallery, Willamette Math Department Newsletter, 1997.
Digital Artist, MathThematics, Book 3, p252, McDougal Littell, A Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998.
Artistry meets mathematics by Dana Haynes, Statesman-Journal, June 1, 1999.

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