Students attend Salem Hospital workshop

On Monday, February 17, a group of Willamette Academy students went to a workshop held by the cardiovascular open-heart surgery team at Salem Hospital. During the workshop, physicians-assistants and doctors demonstrated and explained a number of different tools, each of which has a unique set of functions. The workshop was split into two stations; one station held a “mock” vein transplant from the leg for use in a hearty bypass operation. A pole with a miniature camera affixed to the end of it was used to investigate, separate, and remove the vein from the fake leg tissue so that it can be used to bypass a blocked vein or artery in the heart. The tool station offered explanations of the very same tools that were used in the mock vein transplant. Many of the students who attended are planning to pursue careers in the medical industry, and were grateful to learn more about the opportunities that await them.