…and YOUR new fans

It’s easy to see why the book Colleges That Change Lives notes that Willamette students are “zealous about sports” — one in four compete in Division III athletics, and a majority participate in intramurals each year.

You'll find our campus has a spirited athletic culture where students love to stay active — whether they're cheering on the Bearcats at games or playing volleyball on Brown Field.

Some of your biggest fans will be right beside you at every practice and game. Your teammates, while competitive, will also be some of your most ardent supporters — and your closest friends. 

"We have a great community on our team," football player Wes Wenzel says. "It's a good feeling to know there are 130 guys out there who constantly have your back and who you could always go to if you need help on anything."

Intramurals and Club Sports

Beyond Division III sports, Willamette students find numerous ways to show their competitive sides, whether they’re white-water rafting, snowboarding, tackling on the rugby pitch or joining an ultimate Frisbee tournament.