• A leader.
  • Fascinated with science research.
  • Student body president.
  • A biochemistry major.
  • From Salem.
  • Driven by adrenaline.

Doing lab research as an undergraduate helped Doug discover a career in medicine.


Doug is active in many organizations, but he makes academics his first priority.

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Med-School Bound

Doug Rice dreams of using his leadership skills in the ER.

Academic Life

Doug Rice is fascinated by the science of the human body, and he is at his best when interacting with people — two important characteristics of a medical doctor.

But he wasn't sure how he felt about blood and needles.

Then he participated in Willamette's Science Collaborative Research Program (SCRP), where he worked with an exercise science professor and another student to examine the influence of exercise training on blood hemostasis.

The two students spent the summer drawing blood from each other to practice collecting data.

Doug didn't faint. Instead, he declared a biochemistry major and became more fascinated by scientific discovery.

"Doing research through SCRP was the definitive experience that made me want to pursue medicine," he says.

The Future

A medical career is quite a change from when Doug entered Willamette. Initially he wanted to study politics or law.

But several influential chemistry professors sparked his new passion, and his involvement in a variety of leadership positions on campus revealed that he would rather have meaningful interactions with people every day than spend time in a lab.

Why I Value Willamette

"People come to college with lots of ideas about what they want to study — and they find new directions as well. Willamette encouraged me to explore a variety of paths and helped me chart a meaningful course for my future."

Beyond the Classroom

Outside the lab, many students on campus know Doug for his active leadership — he guides campus legislation as student body president, organizes service opportunities for his fraternity and was leader of the freshman honor society.

"I have enjoyed being actively involved as a change agent on campus. Willamette really fosters students' creativity and helps them find a way to make their ideas a reality."

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