Career Management

MBA Focus

As we pave the road to your success, a key element is utilizing MBA Focus our job search portal and career management database.

Current students can login to MBA Focus using your Willamette username and email password:      

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Alumni and Employers can create an account or login into a previously created account using these links:

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When you login, you'll have access to multiple tabs including:


The more information you complete in the profile, the easier it is for our staff to work with you and employers to find you. Particularly helpful is your areas of interest. Often, we'll search for "marketing" for example and send out a hot job prospect.


The first time you upload a resumé, it will be screened by our Career Staff. Once your resumé is approved, then you can apply for jobs and internships. You can also upload cover letters and other documentation you might need to apply for jobs. Make sure you name them properly, i.e. "LAST NAME_Resume_Date.PDF" so that an employer receiving the attachment can easily find you.

Resumé Book

Once you have an approved resumé, consider adding it to one of our resumé books (Jobs or Internships), so that our employers can peruse your resumé. Please note: if you're working, there is no guarantee that your employer won't login to navigator and look at the book. Please note: Without this expressed permission by adding your resumé to the book, or applying to a job through the system, Career Management will not be sending your resumé out.


Here you can learn about and RSVP for all career related events on and off campus. Make a habit of checking regularly and RSVPing early before the spots are filled.

Jobs & Internship Postings

Jobs are posted daily to the MBA Focus job board by our staff and employers who are looking to hire MBA level employees.  Jobs that are marked DR are specifically sent to us by employers with whom we have relationships.  Pay particular attention to these jobs and internships!   Since jobs are posted daily make a habit of watching regularly for new listings.   You can do employer searches and save your research as you target specific companies. 

All jobs are separated into Recent College Grad (for those with less than 3 years of experience post-MBA), Experienced Hire (3 to 5 years of related experience), Internships (full-time summer paid opportunities) and Projects (all the rest, could be unpaid, part-time or fall/spring term internships). We do screen postings to make sure all are MBA required or MBA preferred.  Please note: you will be unable to apply for jobs until you have an approved resumé. To be recommended by Career Management Staff, you must have completed the Career Module of Pace or the Career Plan Module of the Career Management and Coaching Certificate Program in good standing.


Many of our repeat employers have profiles that you can peruse which will tell you something about what they look for in candidates, some also have contact information posted through the Organization Research tab. NOTE: you will not have access to the job application tab until you have met with Desiree or Beth to review the use of this information.