Career Management

Willamette MBA Mentorship Program

About the Program

The Willamette MBA Mentorship Program matches students with experienced professionals for guidance and support. Mentors provide the link between academic theories and the realities of the business world.The mission is to foster relationships between corporate leaders, alumni, and current students through exposure to real-world business environments. The primary goal is for the mentor to coach the student with their stated professional development goals throughout the academic year.  Mentors are chosen for their success in business and their coaching/mentoring abilities and interests. Their commitment is to a face-to-face meeting once per month with the student, September through April. 

Students are paired with a business professional whose expertise closely matches the students stated professional development goals. Students enrolled in the Full-time MBA and MBAP program are eligible to participate.  This program allows students to explore different industries, review career paths, improve networking and professional presence skills or just learn about the US business environment. Mentors experience the opportunity to help students define their futures and, for alumni, further enhance their own MBA experience. 

Student Requirements of the Program

  • Apply to the mentorship program no later than 11:59pm July 27
  • Schedule an interview with Beth Ursin, Director of Career Management for selection consideration
  • Attend the Mentor Program Information Session
  • Attend the Fall Kick-off event
  • Draft a list of your top 5 professional development goals and bring this with you to your first meeting with your mentor
  • Initiate the relationship by contacting your assigned mentor and scheduling your first meeting
  • Develop a Professional Development Plan with your mentor no later than October 15
  • Schedule your monthly meetings for the year in your first meeting with the mentor 
  • Convey your expectations of the relationship
  • Set objectives for each meeting with your mentor
  • Establish open communication with your mentor
  • Be flexible to accommodate your mentor's schedule and be the one to initiate the relationship
  • Send monthly progress updates to Beth (due on the 15th of each month)

Apply to the Program

  • Complete an application by Monday July 27 at 11:59pm
  • Schedule an Early Access appointment with Beth Ursin after you've completed your Career Management "To Do" list. This Early Access appointment can also serve as the 'mentorship interview'.  Contact the Career Management office 503.370.6167 or email Tracy Preston at to schedule your appointment.
  • Contact Beth Ursin for more information
  • Attend all mentorship events