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MBA for Professionals Alumni Referral Program

As a Willamette MBA alumnus, you are the greatest advocate for our program.  We appreciate your continued support of our recruitment efforts and thank you for sharing the Willamette MBA story with your co-workers, friends, and family.

Our goal is to recruit exceptional students just like you.  To do that, we ask for your help in identifying high achieving professionals that will benefit from the personal attention offered in our evening MBA for Professionals programs in Salem or Portland.

When you make a referral to the MBA for Professionals program, if that candidate is admitted and enrolls, we’ll credit $1,000 to his or her tuition balance during the student’s first semester in your name.  It’s a great way to empower someone to make a solid investment in his or her future and allows you to extend your legacy as a successful Willamette MBA.  Your name will also be included on our Alumni Honor Roll, published via ATKINSONews, and in our annual magazine, "Directions."

Thank you for supporting the Willamette MBA and continuing our tradition of excellence and service!

Referral Instructions:

  • Any graduate from the Atkinson Graduate School of Management (regardless of program format) is eligible to make a referral.
  • The referred student must enroll in the evening MBA for Professionals program in Salem or Portland for the tuition credit. 
  • The referrer must complete the online form (below). This form will also serve as a letter of reference to the MBA for Professionals program (  The letter and/or e-mail must be received prior to the completion of the candidate’s application for admission and will be a part of the candidate's file.
  • The $1,000 tuition credit will appear on the candidate’s student account halfway through their first semester of coursework.  The student must remain enrolled through the first semester to maintain eligibility.
  • Current students in the MBA for Professionals may also refer students under the “MBA Referral Program” for students.  Referrals from students with less than one semester left in the MBA for Professionals program fall under the rules of the Alumni Referral Programs.

Note: Field Names in Red are Required.

Alumni Referral Online Form

Please complete all sections below prior to the referred candidate completing the MBA for Professionals application for admission.  If you'd rather send your referral via e-mail, you can send it to

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