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GSE LogoGSE rolls out full complement of programs for fall 2010 semester

On the tail end of a recent programmatic expansion, the Graduate School of Education this semester went to work with several rosters of programs.

  • Masters in Education

    The MEd is designed for licensed teachers interested in pursuing a master’s degree. This program focuses on improving practice and renewing passions for teaching through an emphasis on teacher inquiry.

  • Environmental Literacy Seminar Series

    Classes for this new seminar began over the summer. Local in-service teachers complete this seminar along with a Masters of Education, or independently during summer months.

  • Online ESOL and Reading Endorsement

    These online courses are designed to offer greater flexibility to students, whether they are seeking a degree or in-service experience during the summer “off.”

    ESOL Endorsement: Designed to assist beginning and experienced teachers working with ESOL students. Coursework includes current methods/materials for teaching students with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

    Reading Endorsement: Designed for teachers interested in providing reading program leadership. Coursework covers instructional practices, including technology-based practices for learners at different developmental levels and from differing cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The GSE this semester welcomed 84 new students, a quarter of whom are graduates of Willamette's College of Liberal Arts. The average age of the class is 28.

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