Past Performance


Hold These Truths featuring Joel de la Fuente

October 25, 2013

(Formerly “Dawn’s Light: The Journey of Gordon Hirabayashi”)

  • By: Jeanne Sakata
  • Directed by: Lisa Rothe
  • One Performance Only: Friday, October 25, 7:30 p.m.


“From a theatrical point of view, the astounding performance that Joel de la Fuente delivers as Gordon Hirabayashi is reason enough to recommend Hold These Truths… de la Fuente presents, in addition to Hirabayashi, a plethora of personages that people Gordy’s story – different ages, different sexes, different nationalities – all without benefit of makeup or costume change….This is simply remarkable work – a master class in acting, if you will….In the hands of a lesser playwright this could easily have come off as a didactic lesson in social justice, but with Jeanne Sakata at the helm, we are treated to a dazzling, literary script that’s full of humor.

New York Times Readers’ Review