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ARTS 441W Contemporary Art Theory and Practice (1)

Through essential readings, critique sessions, writing, discussion, peer review, and the making of original artwork, this writing-centered course provides a forum for the exploration of contemporary art theories and practice. Oral and written assignments will be required of the students in response to selected reading from texts, periodicals, books, journals, artist interviews in a variety of media, and videos dealing specifically with critical art theory and practice as well as current and recent discourse in the field of contemporary art. Students will also be asked to examine and contextualize their own artistic production, and compare it to the theories they are introduced to through readings and other media. The course also examines the role of artists and artmaking in contemporary culture so students must respond critically to the subject matter at hand, analyze the texts and art products and understand the methods, practices and materials utilized in the creation of contemporary art. The course also aims to integrate theory and practice by requiring that students conceive, design, and execute original works of art that embody their understanding of the theories and concepts they are introduced to during the course of the semester.

  • Prerequisite: Junior Arts Majors Only
  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing-centered
  • Offering: Fall
  • Instructor: Fourie, Opie, Thompson