Mission and Values

Willamette University Mission Statement

Willamette University provides rigorous education in the liberal arts and selected professional fields. Teaching and learning, strengthened by scholarship and service, flourish in a vibrant campus community. A Willamette education prepares graduates to transform knowledge into action and lead lives of achievement, contribution and meaning.


In addition to the mission statement, the University has a statement of shared values that guides its approach to mission fulfillment.

Influenced by its historic roots in The United Methodist Church, Willamette University is an independent, nonsectarian institution that embraces:

  • The dignity and worth of all individuals;
  • A commitment to diversity, service, leadership, and sustainability in communities and professions;
  • The ethical and spiritual dimension of education; and
  • Education as a lifelong process of discovery, delight, and growth, the hallmark of a humane life.

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