Requirements for the Humanities Major (14 Credits)

Two courses in Art History (2)

  • ARTH 115 (IT) Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Art History (1) or
  • ARTH 116 (IT) Introduction to Renaissance and Early Modern Art History (1) or
  • ARTH 117 (IT) Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Art History (1)
  • One advanced course in Art History (1)

Two courses in Literature (2)

Chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor (2)

Three courses in History (3)

  • HIST 115 (TH) Western Civilization to 1650 (1)
  • HIST 116 (TH) Western Civilization since 1650 (1)
  • HIST 320 European Intellectual History: The Enlightenment (1) or
  • HIST 321 European Intellectual History: The Nineteenth-Century (1) or
  • HIST 322 European Intellectual History: The Twentieth Century (1)

Two courses in Philosophy (2)

  • PHIL 110 (EV) Philosophical Problems (1)
  • One advanced course in Philosophy (1)

Two courses in Religious Studies (2)

  • REL 113 (TH) Introduction to Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (1)
  • One other course in Religious Studies (1)

Two credits from one of the following areas (2)

Art History, English, History, History of Science, Music History and Literature, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Religion, Theatre

Senior Year Requirement (1)

Senior Year Requirement consists of satisfactory completion of a Humanities Senior Seminar or of comprehensive written and oral examinations offered by an interdepartmental committee of three faculty, including the student's advisor and faculty from two other departments involved in the Humanities program.


  • Contributing Faculty from the Humanities, History, Literature and Fine Arts areas