Which panel were you on?:
Time spent preparing: How much time did you spend preparing for your SSRD presentation or performance? (Exclude research for original paper, project, etc.)
Time Spent: My participation in SSRD was time well spent.
Valuable Experience: SSRD was a valuable experience to me.
Based on: My SSRD presentation or performance was based on
My panel moderator (check all that apply): Contacted me before SSRD.
Asked for info about me for introduction purposes.
Informed me of the presentation time limits.
Asked if I am comfortable with technology for the presentation.
Let me know about WITS technology training.
Encouraged a practice run in the room.
Reminded me to remain for the duration of the entire panel.
Do you have suggestions for improving SSRD (optional)?:
Thank you for your feedback& participation!
Evaluation are sent to the SSRD Committee for review.