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Vocational Discernment

Willamette University's Definition of "Vocation"

At Willamette, we say that vocational discernment is the way we live out our passions in the world: the way in which our values, our commitments and our beliefs are embodied in our choices about work, about family, and about our political and social lives.

Student Opportunities

Vocational Exploration:

Exploring vocation means engaging in, reflecting on, and discerning meaning from life experiences. This is vocation in the context of a liberal arts education- a definition that opens up choice and options. It teaches students how to think critically, inquire freely, lead wisely, serve generously, and live with integrity.

This is all about how we live out our passions in the world- if you're interesting in broadening your horizons and finding focus, come visit us in the Career Center on UC Floor 3!

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Exploring vocation involves:

  • Finding direction in college and in life
  • Exploring future options
  • Talking about larger questions of meaning and purpose
  • Investigating values that help shape our lives
  • Discussing choices and options about lifestyle and goals
  • Learning how to understand strengths/skills that you are gaining during your college experience