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Health Insurance Requirements

For International Students, Scholars, and Accompanying Family Members

Willamette Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna)

Health care is very expensive in the United States, therefore, all international students and scholars attending Willamette University, including their accompanying J-2 or F-2 family members, are required to have health insurance throughout their program. We do not want your investment in higher education to be interrupted or ruined because of expensive health issues. Quality insurance can help prevent that.

Willamette provides a student health insurance plan through Aetna insurance company. It is reasonably priced for the high level of coverage it provides.

  • This plan meets the U.S. requirements of the ACA, Affordable Care Act.
  • This plan meets health insurance requirements for “J” visa holders.
  • All "F"-visa-holders, "J" visa-holders, and dependents are automatically enrolled in the Willamette Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna). 
  • Students and dependents are enrolled in the health insurance for the entire academic year, however, the cost is billed in two separate pieces, as indicated in the Plan Price section below, at the beginning of each semester. Payment to Willamette University is required at the time tuition and other charges are paid.
  • Scholars (non-student "J" visa-holders and dependents) are billed via invoice, ONE TIME for the entire cost of their enrollment period.
  • Willamette University does not "make money" for providing this insurance. All costs associated with enrollment go directly into the insurance plan.
  • Enrollment in and billing for the WU/Aetna Student Health plan are done via the Office of International Education.

2015/2016 Willamette Student Health Insurance Policy

There is NO pre-existing condition exclusion and coverage for all covered conditions and covered treatment is unlimited. As with all U.S. plans, there are some costs that you will have to pay, even with insurance. However, you are less likely to have medical expenses that would prevent you from continuing to study.

The 2015/2016 insurance benefit brochure which details coverage will be available via PDF download soon.

Plan Prices   2015-2016

Student   $ 1,406   $ 609   $ 797
Spouse*   $ 1,406   $ 609   $ 797
each Child*   $ 1,406   $ 609   $ 797
* Dependents can only be enrolled if student/scholar is also enrolled.

Enrollment Application & Waiver Request

At the START of each academic year, each international student will complete the current Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form- available to the right under the heading Download the Form.

TO DO:  Choose to Enroll or Request a Waiver.  This is process cannot be done online. Full instructions, including how to submit, are included on the Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver Request form.

  • Download and print the Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request form (download and print from right hand column).
  • Complete Option A to enroll in insurance or complete Option B to request a waiver. If you do not do either, you (and your dependents) will automatically be enrolled in the university health insurance and be responsible for the cost.
  • Submit your enrollment or waiver request by the deadline to the Office of International Education as per instructions.

Option A: To Enroll

You will automatically be enrolled in the university’s health insurance; however, it is helpful for us to know that you won’t request a waiver.  Please submit to the Office of International Education page 1 of the Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request form with Option A (page 1) completed. ID cards will be available online about the second week of September. You will receive a notice via email on what to do when it is available.

Option B: To Waive/Decline

If you BRING HEALTH INSURANCE coverage with you, you may be able to waive out of the university's student health insurance. No one is automatically given a waiver nor is a waiver guaranteed. If you are a sponsored student, you must also follow this process. Waiver approvals from previous years DO NOT transfer into the current academic year. A new waiver request must be completed during the waiver period in the fall.  Students who BEGIN their program at Willamette in the spring, will have a unique waiver period in January. This period DOES NOT apply to students who are continuing study.

If you want to be considered for a waiver, you must fully complete the Waiver Request form and provide supporting documents. Late and incomplete waiver requests will not be considered so please note the deadlines carefully. GO TO THE WAIVE INSURANCE PAGE for full information and criteria.

NOTIFICATION: After submitting a complete request, you will be notified within 2 weeks via email about whether or not your insurance meets the insurance waiver requirements. See the form for full information. In the fall you must show proof of coverage for the ENTIRE academic year of your program, therefore be sure you have proof of coverage for the length of your program's academic year.

If your waiver request is not approved, you will remain enrolled in the insurance and be responsible for the insurance cost that is billed to your student account.

Waiver Request Deadlines:  
September 4, 2015  (for students at WU for the academic year or fall only)
          January 29, 2016 
(for students who attend WU ONLY in SPRING 2015)

NOTE: The deadline to request a waiver is different for international students than the deadline for domestic students.

The information on this page can be downloaded in PDF form. See Health Insurance Requirements 2015-2016 document at right.

Download the Form

  • Annual/fall Waiver Request deadline: Friday, September 4, 2015 
  • Spring Start Waiver Request deadline: Friday, January 29, 2016 (students who DID NOT attend WU in fall)

U.S. Students need to go to Bishop Health Center's website to waive the plan.

Brochures & Resources

  • Health Plan Benefit Brochure 2015-2016 [available soon]
  • Health Plan Benefit Brochure 2014-2015 PDF

  • "On-Call" Assistance Brochure 2014-2015 PDF (for information about medical evacuation, repatriation, and travel assistance)
  • "On-Call" Assistance, online information: click on FOR MEMBERS, then click on TRAVEL ASSISTANCE

  • Benefit Brochure 2013-2014 PDF, use this brochure for information on services 8/1/2013-7/31/2014

How to Use Your Student Health Plan with Aetna

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