Human Resources


The Willamette University Wellness Program seeks to provide an environment which honors the whole person and encourages employees to explore ways to improve their social, emotional, mental and physical well-being.

In order to provide Willamette employees access to information sources that may help them take charge of their own well-being, Willamette's Wellness Committee provides the following Internet links. Many, in turn, provide links to other sites. As always, when researching Internet sources, please remember that there is no guarantee of accuracy. These sources are meant to be educational only and should not substitute for consultation with your personal physician when you have a health concern. There are many health-related sites on the web. We have provided these links because they come from well-respected sources and, in some cases, because of their local interest and services.

Sparks Fitness Center

Use of Sparks Center by employees and their immediate family members is free! Employees gain access to Sparks Center facilities with a Willamette University ID card. Apply online by visiting the Sparks Employee User Pass section. The passes permit employees, their spouses and children (dependent, still living at home and under age 23), to use Sparks Center athletic, swimming and recreational facilities, including the fitness center. Locker and towel service is available for a nominal charge. Please be advised that a $10 replacement fee will be charged for re-issuance of any lost User Pass cards. See General Use Hours for information about access times.

Wellness Resources

  • Salem Hospital
    Resources available through our neighbor, Salem Hospital; classes, wellness tips, health information links.
  • Oregon Health Division
    Guide to state resources; list of county health departments; publications.
  • Complete Home Medical Guide
    The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons maintains this online version of their school's consumer-health guide.
  • Mayo Clinic
    Provides a wealth of health-related information. You will find categories including men's and women's health issues, prescription & over-the-counter medication, aging, nutrition, and child development.
  • Wellness Web
    Resource pages including both conventional and alternative medicine.

Other Wellness-Related Programs

Smoking-Cessation Reimbursement

Willamette University provides reimbursement of expenses related to employee participation in smoking cessation programs. All employees eligible for enrollment in the health and dental plans are eligible for this benefit. If interested, please contact the Human Resources office prior to enrollment in the program to determine if the program you are enrolling in will be eligible.

Annual Flu-Shot Clinic

Willamette University trys to schedule an on-site flu shot clinic through Salem Hospital for employees each fall. Scheduling of this clinic depends on the supply of flu vaccine for the coming flu season, as well as the dictates of the Centers for Disease Control.

Annual Wellness/Benefits Fair

The Human Resources office sponsors it's annual Wellness/Benefits Fair during benefit open enrollment each year. A variety of vendors, including existing benefit vendors and local "wellness-related" vendors, come to campus to educate, stimulate and, in come cases, evaluate - health tests, including blood pressure screening, anti-oxidant screenings, and body fat tests are staples of this event. Look for this event in late February!