Human Resources

Workplace Safety Information and Forms

Willamette University is committed to providing a safe environment for employees as well as the students we are here to educate, not just because it is a legal obligation, but because we care about the well being of each member of our staff. We will make every effort to make this commitment a reality by providing adequate training to our staff and identifying and correcting unsafe conditions as a matter of practice. We will be proactive in ensuring a safe University community for all.

The safety of our campus is everyone's responsibility. If you notice a condition or activity on campus that you feel may create issues of concern for your safety, or that of your your co-workers, students, or the public in general, you should report the condition to your supervisor, the Facilities Services department, Campus Safety or Human Resources at once.

Safety Policy Violations

Willamette University maintains policies specifying guidelines for appropriate conduct and disciplinary action.  As with all violations of policy, violations of safety policies may subject employees to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  The University follows typical procedures for progressive discipline, generally providing for warnings before such action is taken.  We do not wish this policy to discourage employees from coming forward about real and legitimate safety concerns, but egregious violations that have the potential to cause very serious harm to Willamette community members will be taken very seriously.  The University reserves the right to determine on a case by case basis the seriousness of the violation and the level of disciplinary action.   

Phone numbers for reporting unsafe conditions follow:

  • Facilities Services: ext. 6135
  • Campus Safety: ext. 6911
  • Human Resources: ext. 6210

Safety Committee Webpage

Accidents, Injuries, or Illnesses

If you are injured on the job you should report the accident or condition to either your supervisor or the Human Resources office immediately. Forms for filing workers compensation claims can be obtained from the Human Resources office, or are available for download below. It is very important that timely notification of the incident causing the condition be made to your supervisor or Human Resources, both to ensure your well being and to prevent future denial of your claims.

In the event of a serious injury, Campus Safety should be called at 6911. Do not attempt to move a seriously injured person unless necessary to prevent further injury. Seriously injured persons should not be transported by private vehicle if at all possible, but, instead, should be transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency room.

As of March 1, 2007, Willamette's carrier for Workers Compensation Insurance is the Oregon Educational Employers Workers' Compensation Trust, which is managed by Empire Pacific. The Trust has partnered with Oregon Health System's, Inc. to provide medical treatment and services to employees with work-related injuries or illnesses. This preferred provider network includes Salem Occupational Health Clinic, which we use for our pre-placement physicals as well, and specializes in occupational health. They are located at 2168 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, and you can call (503) 362-5242 for an appointment. For a complete list of preferred providers, please contact Human Resources.


Early Return-to-Work (ERTW) Program 


The purpose of the ERTW Program is to facilitate a timely and smooth transition back to regular work for employees who have reported an on-the job illness or injury. We hope our employees never have an accident or suffer any injury as a result of employment with our company.  However, should an employee become injured, it is Willamette's policy to have the employee return to work no later than the next day if possible.

The ERTW Program is designed to be a transitional process offering temporary, modified-duty work assignments, as available, and/or to modify the work site or the employee's regular job duties, if possible, to achieve the employee's return to full-time, regular work. While on temporary, modified-duty work assignments, the employee will continue to receive his or her regular rate of pay. Willamette's goal is to help injured employees maintain their income during reasonable recovery periods and to keep them valued members of our team.

Eligibility Criteria

Willamette University shall, where possible, if work is available, and at the discretion of management, provide a transitional, modified-duty work assignment for those employees who have been injured on the job and the injury would result in lost time from work.

Willamette University reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue the transitional work assignment or other conditions of the ERTW Program at any time.


When an employee reports an on-the-job injury or illness, the employee shall contact the direct supervisor immediately. The employee may be given certain forms by the supervisor and may be sent to a physician for an examination and/or treatment.

 If the attending physician outlines in writing temporary work restrictions or conditions for transitional work, Willamette University will make every attempt to provide a transitional, modified-duty work assignment as available to assist the employee in their return to normal duties. The employee may be asked to take a work task description to his/her attending physician for review in order to obtain a work release.

Employee's Responsibilities

The employee agrees to make every reasonable effort to return to the workplace as soon as possible. Any employee who seeks medical treatment for an on- the-job injury or illness must make the attending physician aware of Willamette University's ERTW program and the opportunity of modified work assignments. 

 If the attending physician removes the employee from work, the employee must notify the supervisor as soon as possible. The employee will be required to contact his/her supervisor weekly when off work in order to facilitate Willamette University's ability to identify medically appropriate work assignments.

When the employee receives a return-to-work release from his/her attending physician, the employee must notify the supervisor immediately, but no later than before the next workday. This will enable Willamette University to locate appropriate work assignments as quickly as possible for the employee.

 ERTW Forms