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This page is meant to be a helpful resource to faculty.  Divided into several parts, resources include materials related to study abroad, developing summer study abroad programs, leading groups abroad as a faculty leader, and informal research abroad with students. We also provide information about advising international students and hosting international visitors and faculty (including your responsibilities as campus host). 

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Study Abroad through Willamette

Faculty Abroad with Students

  • Developing and Proposing Summer Programs for Students (pdf)  

    Also known as post-sessions, these faculty-led summer opportunities must go through a program/budget development process and a two committee (Academic Programs and the Off-Campus Study Committee) approval process, so work should begin on new programs approximately 18 months prior to a program running the first time.

  • Taking Students Abroad on Grant-Funded and/or as Departmental/Classroom Activity (pdf)   In addition to completing the Data Capture form, please contact the Office of International Education in order to get the University required predeparture materials that each student needs to complete prior to departure.
  • Program Faculty Leader -- semester and summer study abroad (pdf)  

Faculty Abroad Without Students

  • TIU OPEN Lecture Faculty (pdf)  

    This resource is meant to help those selected to teach at Tokyo International University in the summer OPEN program track the variety of simultaneous processes they need to complete so that they can pursue this employment opportunity. 

    The Office of International Education is NOT responsible for the hiring specifics of these positions, and any questions about the contract, compensation, taxation (Japanese), or teaching schedule should be directed to your contact at TIU.  Faculty are responsible for complying with U.S. tax requirements and may need to consult their tax advisors or IRS resources if they have questions about how employment at TIU affects their U.S. tax liability. 

    If you want to tap into the collective wisdom of faculty who have previously taught in the program, feel free to contact the mail group set up for this purpose:

  • University Related Business (not related to study abroad) (pdf)  

Emergency/Crisis Management While Abroad

International Students at Willamette -- Advising Resource

  • Advising international students -- faculty advisor information (pdf)  

    There are a variety of visa types among the international students, but they all have some basic academic requirements.  This information should be helpful to academic advisors, especially in the CLA (graduate information is included).

  • Hiring international students -- campus employer information (pdf)  

    International students can work ON CAMPUS as long as they do not exceed 20 hours per week.  This cannot be averaged so EVERY week must stay under 20 hours.  If a student has more than one campus job, they must stay below 20 hours in ALL jobs (not each job).

    Most international students are NOT eligible for a social security number until they are hired on campus.  If you hire an international student, this handout tells you what information is required. You as the employer must confirm the employment with the OIE before a letter can be issued to help the student apply for a SSN.

    It is your responsibility as an employer to explain the student payroll process and the completion of time sheets to your student employees.

Inviting International Persons to Campus

  • Helping guests (paid) secure ITIN/SSN for payments 

    Hosts are responsible for helping their visiting scholar/researcher/guest speakers comply with payroll requirements.  This includes completing paperwork in the Executive Building in conjunction with Payroll and Accounting.  One of the requirements is to provide a U.S. social security number (SSN) or taxpayer i.d. number (ITIN).  

    Guest lecturers/speakers do not qualify for a SSN on the basis of their activities, so they must apply for the ITIN.  See the link for more information.  This is a "by mail" process so it can take weeks to complete; consult Payroll as to whether payment can be made to your guest prior to the receipt of the ITIN.

  • Information needed to issue DS-2019 (doc)  

    A DS-2019 form is required by language assistants, visiting professors/researchers, and short-term scholars who hope to apply for a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa.  The information needed to complete this form is collected on the attached form.  A copy of the passport bio/photo page is also required.  The host of the visitor is responsible for collecting this information from their guests.

Off-Campus Studies Committee