Student Activities

List of Student Organizations

The purpose of student organizations at Willamette University is to provide opportunities for the enhancement of academic, cultural, social and recreational aspects of student life through participation in group programs and activities. Every Willamette student has the opportunity to become involved in campus organizations!

Student organizations fall into one of ten categories. To browse student organizations, select a category below.


Social and Support Organizations


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This club has been established with the purpose of promoting school spirit within the student body and the faculty, as well as supporting many University events, while representing Willamette in a way consistent with the educational mission of the institution.


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To inspire and educate students about the importance of Math, Science, and Engineering by engaging in outreach, tutoring, and competing in the National Under Water Robotics Challenge.


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The Boffer Club is devoted to recreation of medieval battle using light, padded weapons in a variety of game-types and settings. Typically meets once a week, occasionally also meets on weekends for capture the flag and other large-scale games. Safe and fun. Theatrical/period costume encouraged.


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CAUSA chapter is dedicated to civic engagement of its members through organizing, educating and mobilizing Willamette and its surrounding communities. CAUSA chapter will attempt to raise awareness about pertinent issues affecting the immigrant community.


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Willamette College Democrats will serve as a source of ideas, organization, and activism directed towards supporting the community members of WU who seek to gain experience in local, state, or national politics through voter education, voter registration, get out the vote efforts, as well as those who seek to gain experience by aiding candidates or campaigns aligned with the ideals found within the platform, heritage, or future direction of the Democratic Party.


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Colleges Against Cancer gives students the opportunity to combat concer on their campus while uniting with other chapters nationwide. Students can make an impact nationwide, as well as within the Salem Community.


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Our club bakes homemade cupcakes and uses them at bake sales for a charity that we vote on each semester.


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It is the mission of the Gladiator Club to promote interest in ancient history and classical studies, to further our understanding of Roman gladiatorial combat by means of experimental archaeology, and to provide entertainment for the people of Willamette University. In order to study and recreate gladiatorial combat, we will construct and use safe boffer* versions of gladiatorial weapons and armor that are as historically accurate as possible. In addition, we will attempt to allow others to replicate our results by creating accessible blueprints and how-to videos for our equipment construction as well as videos of our practice sessions and official combats. *boffer: a padded mock weapon use for simulated combat


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The Willamette League of Legends Club is a RIOT Games affiliated club that exists to promote teamwork and communication between the League of Legends players on campus, and build an environment of harassment-free sportsmanship through on campus and collegiate competition. Our members regularly meet to play League of Legends.


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The Respectable Knitting Society will help to better serve the community at Willamette and in Salem through the cooperative and healing activity of knitting and crocheting


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The purpose of Settlers Club is to promote and play the board game Settlers of Catan with other Catan enthusiasts as well as newcomers with an interest in a game of strategy, development, negotiation, and good times. Be prepared for some sweet tournament action with prizes for the top players and a chance to be known as "King/Queen of Catan" for the overall winner


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The purpose of Students Against Slavery is to raise awareness, generate assets, and facilitate action against modern day slavery which include all forms of the exploitation of human labor-forced labor, domestic servitude, child soldiers, and the sex trade.


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Students for Feminism is a group that raises awareness of gender inequality and its intersections though discussion and dialogue, ultimately working to empower all individuals. We meet every Monday at 5:30 pm in the Women's Resource Center on the third floor of the University Center--all are welcome! The group also hopes to engage the Willamette community with on campus events such as “Love Your Body Days,” The Vagina Monologues, and Take Back the Night, in hopes of fostering campus awareness of wider feminist issues.


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To provide an open, welcoming, free and safe community for experienced and brand-new players to play war games by developing tactical, strategic, and teamwork along with sharing thoughts and generally having a good time.


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It is the mission of Whovians United to bring students together over a common interest of the British TV show, Doctor Who by playing games and other events.


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The purpose of Willamette Events Board is to provide programs that complement, reflect and respond to the Willamette University community. These programs shall be designed to be an educational experience for those involved in planning and presenting of the programs, as well as those who participate. These programs should remain consistent with stated objectives, regulations, and missions of the Office of Student Activities and Willamette University.


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Wulapalooza is an earth, art, and music festival that has been organized by students every spring for the past 12 years. Student and professional bands perform on two stages at the festival, along with other performance groups such as Willamette Dance Company and Poi Club. We also have club activities, food, and a craft fair, among other events. Each year we also select a charitable organization to support!