Residence Life

Kaneko Commons

Self Governance - Sustainability - Japanese Heritage - Community Service

Providing living spaces for over 350 students in the form of:

  • singles
  • doubles
  • triples
  • 3 person suites
  • 2 and 4 person apartments

All living spaces have air conditioning and many are equipped with private bathrooms. There is a fantastic cafeteria, laundry amenities, and a ton of places to study and hang out.

The Kaneko Themes

  • Sustainability: The commons strongly emphasizes sustainability, which is reflected in the building’s LEED Gold certification.
  • Japanese Heritage: Kaneko Commons collaborates and shares spaces with Tokyo International University of America (TIUA). 
  • Community Service: Committees of Kaneko student leaders organize regular service opportunities for Kaneko residents in the local community.

Programs and Learning

The Commons were designed in a way that allows students of all different levels of experience to learn from one another and study together. Kaneko has a programming budget that is distributed entirely at the discretion of the Commons Council, which is elected by residents of Kaneko. This budget can be used to make almost anything happen, from pool parties and pizza to hall trips to Blazer games - even amenities like our gas BBQ, fire pit, and new televisions. All Kaneko residents are invited to attend council meetings or work with their Wing Representative and Community Mentor to make programs happen.