Residential Services

1.3 Assignments & Priority

The University reserves the right to place people in spaces as needed. Otherwise, the following guidelines apply:

  • Assignments to campus residences are made by Residential Services in conjunction with Area/Commons Coordinators and are considered permanent throughout the academic year.
  • Priority for assignments is based on class standing (with preference going to seniors first) and one’s current occupancy status.
  • New students are assigned based on the date their enrollment deposit is received by the Admission Office.
  • Types of accommodations and requested roommate preferences are honored whenever possible. Students who do not have a mutually requested roommate are matched on the basis of interests and the information provided on the Preference Card.
  • A non-smoking roommate will not be paired with a smoking roommate unless the non-smoker does not object.
  • Specific roommate requests must be mutual and be received by Residential Services by the advertised deadline. The only exception to this practice is during the all campus lottery that takes place in April for assignments the following academic year. At this time, a student can write their name on any open space. They are not required to check with the student who originally secured the room if they signed up alone.

Circumstances may require that a residence or portion thereof be closed or redesignated. Residents in that area may be required to move.

Greek Chapters

Individuals who join a Greek chapter with an on-campus house understand that there is an obligation to reside in their chapter designated residence, if space is available. Greek affiliates (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior members/pledges) may sign up for a residence hall room, commons space, or apartment after their house is full and they have signed their chapter's waiting list. Greek affiliates are reassigned to their chapter designated residence if a vacancy occurs in the house at any time throughout the year.

If applicable, following formal recruitment, new first-year student (freshman) affiliates will be asked to move into their chapter designated residence to replace live-in members who either graduate in December or go on a Willamette-sponsored study abroad program during Spring semester.


Apartment residents are responsible for selecting their own eligible roommate(s). Students in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University are eligible for assignment to the apartments. Priority is given as follows:

  • Students currently under contract/lease with Residential Services, with first priority given to students with junior, senior and graduate standing
  • Students on approved study-abroad programs of junior, senior or graduate standing
  • Other Willamette students of junior, senior or graduate standing
  • New students of junior, senior or graduate standing
  • Others authorized by Willamette University