Residential Services

1.8 Canceling Your Housing Contract or Apartment Lease

Housing contracts and apartment leases cover the full academic year for students who enter fall semester. Single-semester contracts/leases are only available to spring semester entrants. The contract/lease may be terminated without financial penalty for the following reasons:

  • graduation
  • withdrawal for at least one semester
  • participation in a University-sponsored study abroad program
  • leave of absence
  • called to active military duty
  • ineligibility to continue enrollment due to a failure to meet academic requirements
  • failure to enroll second semester
  • marriage (must provide proof)

Students with 15 or more credits or those 21 or older who choose to cancel their housing contract/apartment lease to move off campus after the published deadline are assessed a nonnegotiable cancellation penalty ($750 for contracts; $900 for leases for 2014-2015). In addition, residents of a residential room/suite or Greek house are assessed to-date room and meal plan charges. Apartment residents pay rent charges until the University leases their portion of the apartment to an eligible Willamette student.

Students who are still enrolled and leave the residences during the academic year without a release from the contract/lease continue to be responsible for room and meal plan or rent charges which accrue against their accounts. Residents are advised not to sign outside contracts or leases until they have been formally notified of their release.