Residential Services

Section 2: Rationale - Compelling Community Interests

Policies of Residential Services and Residence Life have been developed to address one or more of the following compelling community interests:

  • Health and safety
  • Property, property loss or damage
  • Legitimate educational purpose
  • Disruption of the educational living environment

The University has the responsibility to establish policies and procedures that safeguard the health and safety of its community members. Policies and procedures were designed to protect students against incidents or behavior that may jeopardize the physical, mental and emotional health and/or safety of either the group or the individual. At first glance, some of these policies may seem unduly restrictive. However, given the potential for damage, injury and/or loss of life, certain rights of the individual may be limited for the common good of the community.

Care and protection of both community and personal property is a shared responsibility of all its members. Policies were developed to create an environment where students respect and protect their own property as well as the property of their neighbors and the University.

A student's primary purpose in attending Willamette University is to attain a degree. Any behavior that directly or indirectly interferes with the accomplishment of this goal goes against the legitimate educational purpose of the University and of the residential communities. Therefore, Willamette University's policies were established to ensure that the campus living environment is conducive to students' personal development and academic success (Gathercoal, Forrest, Judicious Leadership for Residence Hall Living, 1991).

In addition, the student governments in the residential communities are encouraged to develop additional policies or standards as they deem appropriate for residents in their community. All community members are expected to uphold and enforce these standards with assistance from Residence Life staff members. If a community policy or standard appears to be in conflict with a University policy, the University policy will supersede.