Residential Services

3.2 Check-Out

You are responsible for checking out of your room/suite/apartment with your Residence Life staff member whenever you move or leave at the end of your contract/lease period. Occupancy ends 24 hours after your last final exam or commencement for participants. This 24-hour time allowance may vary with the last day of each semester.

You are responsible for returning your room/suite/apartment to its original state and scheduling a time with your CM to inventory your room/suite/apartment. Return your key to the Residence Life staff member when you check out. Be sure to remove all personal belongings from the room/suite/apartment, hallway, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Wall and ceiling decorations must also be removed. Vacuum and clean the bathroom and kitchen, if you have one. Remember to clean the shelves, drawers, closets, windowsills, doors and walls. Failure to follow these guidelines constitutes improper check-out (a $25 fine).

For Kaneko Commons, Haseldorf and University Apartments, the $200 cleaning deposit is refundable provided the apartment meets all cleaning expectations at check-out and is ready for occupancy by the next student. No partial refunds are given.

A Residence Life staff member will do an inventory of your living space at check-out. Students are responsible for all damages (beyond normal wear and tear) not previously noted on the inventory card. In addition, Facilities Management (maintenance) and Facilities Services (housekeeping) staff will inspect rooms, suites, apartments and common areas after closing for cleanliness, damages beyond normal wear and tear, and missing furnishings. Residents will be assessed for any damages, missing furnishings, extra cleaning charges (including common areas), and the removal/disposal of abandoned furniture, carpet or other personal property not properly stored.